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TranceFix Review:Kyau & Albert-So True [Euphonic Records]

German dance music superstars “Kyau & Albert” are back in the spotlight with yet another sublime release. This dance music outfit have become utter legends in the scene, conquering our hearts just a little bit more with every single release they launch into the open. Over the years tracks like “Are You Fine?“, “Velvet Morning“, “Walk Down” and “Memory Lane” have all passed on from being the new tune on the block to becoming instant classics. Such is the ingenuity and talent of these two in the studio while their passion for pure quality dance music that soothes the soul as well as moves the feet, fuels them furthermore. “So True” is the name of their new creation, featuring the distinct vocal talents of “Steven Moebius Albert” once more and released on their very own label “Euphonic Records“.

A steady drumbeat leads the way, much like a marching band on the way to glory. A crafty assortment of bangs, whooshes and cheers follow the procession, while “Binary Finary-1998” style vocal shots add to the drama within, enhanced all the while by a new appearing buzzing bassline. Amidst the serene melodies buried in tender moments and velvet strings, Steven’s vocals emerge making us shudder with the depth and emotion held within each spoken word escaping his psyche. One by one, we all seem to be carried away subconsciously into a dream world wrought by raw emotion and infinite beauty.

A track of rare beauty that can melt even the iciest of hearts on a cold stormy night. It’s so true that these guys are still on top of their game!

Released: 25/10/2019

Label: Euphonic Records


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