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TranceFix Review: Mike EFEX-Lights [Coldharbour Black]

One of “Coldharbour Black’s” main residents is truly American DJ/Producer “Mike EFEX“. Mike is an artist long affiliated with the “Coldharbour Recordings” family, regularly providing the label with some of its mind boggling, genre defying releases. A master of things deep, dark and dreary, Mike returns to the imprint not long after his huge E.P “Wolfenstein“, with a fresh single created for the true lovers of pure underground dance music. His latest offering is ironically called “Lights” as you will come to realize further down.

Sleek percussion, heart pounding drum work and mysterious yet haunting female vocal one liners serve as the appetizers before the main course in which things tend to get a bit spooky. Deep, subterranean basslines follow with the utmost precision while the haunting voice guides us along a mysterious yet tempting voyage into the underground. Frantic fills, otherworldly melodies and dramatic outbursts enhance the dark and cavernous atmosphere of this monster.

Lights” may not contain many luminous qualities but it certainly captures our psyche with its twisted tendencies and hypnotic grooves. This one will sit well with the techno and trance enthusiasts alike. Another slam dunk for “Mike EFEX“.

Released: 1/11/2019

Label: Coldharbour Black


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