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TranceFix Review: Jam El Mar-Evo [JAM EL MAR REC]

One of dance music’s legends who has gone down his own path ever since the unfortunate chasm in the dance music outfit “Jam & Spoon“, is German DJ/Producer Rolf Ellmer, more commonly known to his friends and fans of the industry as “Jam El Mar“. His recent work under his solo career has been highly sought out by DJ’s and fans alike. Tracks such as “Spectral Semblance” or his collaboration with fellow dance music pioneer “Paul Oakenfold” called “Lost In The Moment” are already counted among the favorites. Surprises never cease as he has embarked on yet another exciting path on his already fruitful career: the recent launch of his very own label called: “JAM EL MAR REC“.

It was only fitting to begin the adventure of the label launch with one of his very own singles and here it is, the one and only “Evo“. Short for evolution, this single showcases his brilliance and originality in the studio once more. Our journey to “Jam El Mar’s” incredulous world begins with a curious, distant sound and a pounding, throbbing bassline, which purely sets the tone for the dramatic appearance of the rest of the key elements. A solid amount of percussion complements the uber catchy piano melodies that follow, guiding us along in a trance much like the pied piper of the famous fable. Mystifying yet addictive, this one really has the power to attach itself to one’s soul. Amazing work once more by the German meister of beats!

Released: 27/12/2019



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