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TranceFix Review: Arjans-Redline [Coldharbour Recordings]

Relative newcomers to the scene, “Arjans” are freshly formed DJ/Producer duo from Poland that consists of Rafal Kubiak and Marcin Piaseczny. Music production has been a long time passion of theirs as each of them attempted their luck in the dance community under their own aliases. It wasn’t until 2016 though, that things took a wider shift in their career when they decided to join forces and work together as one, blending their creativity and undying passion for their craft. Gathering support by some of the scene’s most influential artists was a key factor in their road to success. Recent highs in their career include being featured on “Nifra’s” first official DJ mix compilation “Follow Me” and of course the release of that same single which is out now on “Coldharbour Recordings“. It is called “Redline” and it is truly remarkable.

Immerse yourselves into a world wrought with a slight amount of turbulence, dynamic, hypnotic grooves and a fresh blast of mind bending melodies. Dark, anthemic leads arise like the moon on a starless night sky while our inner consciousness leaps over any bounds that lie in our path. It truly is a tune that grasps your attention from the very first seconds and has the energy to light up a whole city with its inner radiance. A definite home run for this power duo. Awaiting much more from these guys as their road to stardom holds no bumps or detours. These guys are in it for the long haul and success is imminent for “Arjans“.

Released: 27/9/2019


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