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TranceFix Review: Miikka Leinonen-Lumi [Alter Ego Records]

Finnish DJ/Producer “Miikka Leinonen“, has been serving up uber cool beats for quite a spell. Tracks like “Shadow Hearts“, “Kingdom Fall” as well as joyous collaborations such as “Breath Of The Wild” with “Kim Kiona” and “Panorama” with trance duo “Allen & Envy” have all found a sure way into our hearts over the years. The temperature may drop pretty low in Finland but this dedicated producer knows how to fire up our body and soul with his thumping, invigorating productions. His latest release is out on “Alter Ego Records” and it is called “Lumi“.

This is a special one indeed as it is utterly dedicated to his precious daughter. One closer look within and we happen to discover a track wild and free wrought with infinite amounts of energy while positively glowing melodies flow freely in full force. Soothing ethereal female vocals make their appearance, gracefully carrying a tone of enchantment amidst spellbinding melodies, invoking the feeling of an invisible being guiding us along a vast evergreen forest while the sun shines lovingly upon us. A keen ear can spot the ode to fellow countryman and artist “Darude” and the “Sandstorm-esque” influence making its appearance, a nod to the classic trance era many of us still nurture deep in our hearts. This is a track that fully encapsulates the everlasting glow, warmth and pride a father carries for his daughter.

An added bonus to this release is dance music outfit “Kayan Code” assuming remix duties and providing their take on “Lumi“. Fellow Finns “Kai” and “Janne” don’t fool around and get straight to business. They succeed in enhancing it with an extra dosage of power and infusing it with uplifting tendencies while keeping the leading elements of the track’s identity intact. Two thrilling tracks to boost your everyday outlook. Congrats to all the artists are certainly in order.

Released: 27/1/2020

Label: Alter Ego Recordings


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