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What do you stand for?

Less rebellious than our parents I’m feeling restless and rebellious. I’m not very knowledgeable about these kinds of grand topics, but I think some meaningful discussions can be had. Hasn’t youth culture throughout the times always been rebellious? Questioning the status quo, creating movements, spreading a message? Just think about …

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Column: How do -you- enjoy music?

I’m very curious to hear how you guys listen to music, and how you perceive other people’s listening habits. In my case, I’ve always had music listening as a very solitary activity, and I’ve been kind of puzzled by this for a long time.

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Column: It’s about more than trance

Y2K The year was 2000. Nothing was cooler than Bomfunk MC’s, Eiffel 65, Darude, and Music Instructor (and Dr. Bombay). The Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon discs were spinning frequently. Trance music was tremendously popular in Norway at the time, and my cousin was into a Trance compilation CD …

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Column: Silence

Today we’re going to launch a new concept here on Trancefix. Aseries ofcolumns, titled “Music is Everywhere“. We’re going to talk about anything music-related. But what is music anyway? How does it affect people? What’s its purpose in our daily lives? In our first feature, sonic adventurer Kristian discusses music’s …

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