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TranceFix Review: Dylhen-Brouhaha [Coldharbour Recordings]

This year appears to be one of the most promising and productive for English DJ/Producer, “Dylhen“. He has been off to a great start already by releasing his first single of the year, “Drift” on “Coldharbour Recordings“, becoming one of the new recruits to happily sign with “SMG” (“Schulz Music …

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TranceFix Review: Rinaly-Observatory [AVA Recordings]

Rinaly Hoshina, (“Rinaly“) is a female DJ/Producer from Japan that has a lot to offer. Drawn to music from early on, she eagerly attended music school wanting to learn the ins and outs of music firsthand. There she studied music production while at the same time learned to play the …

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TranceFix Review: Somna & Cari-My Home [AVA Recordings]

Benjamin Leung, (“Somna“) is back with a brand new tune on esteemed label “AVA Recordings“, co-owned and managed by himself and “Andy Moor“. A master of emotional melodic soundscapes and upbeat moods, he found the perfect match for creating this new vocal delight. Enlisting singer/songwriter “Cari“, together they put their …

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TranceFix Review: Nifra & Anske-Powerball [Coldharbour Recordings]

Two of “Coldharbour Recordings'” rising stars have joined forces to collaborate on a track of epic proportions. The artists in question are Andrej Anskinas (“Anske“) and Nikoleta Frajkorova (“Nifra“). The two of them attain an ever growing fire of determination and zeal burning within, which time and time again has …

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TranceFix Review: Dylhen-Drift [Coldharbour Recordings]

Birmingham native Russell Greer widely known to the world under his artist name “Dyhen“, is an artist you may want to keep a close eye on. Having achieved recognition by his peers and fans alike for releases such as “Memories/Topaz“, “Diablo” with “Paul Thomas” and his recent E.P “I Dream/Musica” …

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