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Rebecca Black – Friday (Cerealbus Remix)

There is always a reason why things are getting viral and extremely popular worldwide. One of them is obvious – quality! That’s why I wasn’t surprised to see millions of views on youtube for this fresh music star – Rebecca Black.

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Harley Soan – Long Drive Home [Solaris] )Review(

An unknown name, and the track title that doesn’t ring a bell in your head? Well I’m ashamed that you still are not aware of how quality are the tracks on Solaris Recordings. Here I present you my review on one staggering release from the year 2009. Please proceed.

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Review: Sean Tyas Tytanium Sessions – Alpha

When I heard about this new release by Tyas, one of my favorite producers (his DJ’ing skills are pretty badass too), I was excited to review it! It is a 2 cd compilation with each definitely having a different approach and progression! I started listening and it is way slower …

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Review: Sander van Doorn – Love Is Darkness [DOORN]

Release Date- February 8, 2011 (Beatport Exclusive) February 24, 2011- (All other retailers) Sander van Doorn is not an artist whose work can inexplicably be put in one box. Trancy, Housy, pop and rock like elements frequently unite in his productions. Because of this, Love is Darkness certainly is easy-listening …

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T.O.M. – Monsoon [ITWT]

Like many dance music enthusiasts before the mp3 revolution, I purchased my trance music from a local vinyl store. From the moment I walked in the store, I transformed into an animal, whose prime instinct was to snatch up vinyl as quickly as possible. There was a limit on how …

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Signum – For You (Artist Album!) [Armada]

The number of times people thought or said 2010 was the year of albums probably grows to infinity. And yet, who would have guessed the very first album by two trance legends – Ron Hagen & Pascal Minnaard – will also see the daylight! The duo has been teaching Trance …

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