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Illegal downloads are the music industry’s equivalent of an elephant in the room. But while digital music has been readily available and freely searchable online for 15 years now, making piracy easy, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ethical considerations whenever you download an artist’s music “for free” that you should be paying for.

If you play or download a track, please support the artist that spent countless hours producing that track. You can probably find that track for purchase at one of the following sites:

Digital Download Stores / Online CD/Vinyl Retailers

– Beatport
– Trackitdown
– Juno
– iTunes
– Surus
– 7digital
– Audio Jelly
– DJ Tunes

Finding Info on Artists & Releases

Discogs. The database of music releases, Discogs offers comprehensive catalog-style information on records, artists and labels that dates back into 1900s. There’s also an online marketplace for those wishing to trade vinyl and CDs.

AllMusic. An online music guide featuring exclusive editorial content such as biographies, reviews and rankings. AllMusic’s database is not complete down to the last release as Discogs, but it’s indispensable if you want to learn more about the artist on that weird 1964 7-inch.


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