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Exclusive Interview with Danny Cullen!

It must be something in the water, as many talented folk have emerged from that emerald green isle of Ireland. One of those people is DJ/Producer “Danny Cullen“. A name synonymous with pure quality dance music infused with an emotional substance. Danny has been paving his own way to stardom …

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Markus Schulz Presents ‘Watch The World’ [Deluxe]

Whilst ‘Watch The World’ was electrifying airwaves & delighting fans last spring, it was also having another, altogether subtler side effect. Intentionally or otherwise, it was bringing about a shift in the understanding of who Markus Schulz, the musician, is. Working in stylistic areas new, penning & co-penning many of …

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TranceFix Review:Artisan-Tomorrow Is Ours [In Sessions Recordings]

Irish phenomenon DJ/Producer “Danny Cullen” has certainly been brightening up the scene with his mass chain of releases. Under the well known “Tucandeo” duo along with “Kevin Murphy” they graciously projected their own mind blowing sound upon the world thus gaining our loyalty and adoration. All good things must come …

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