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TranceFix Review: Elevation pres. Elara-Meridian [Coldharbour Recordings]

One of “Coldharbour Recordings‘” initial members has returned to action after a long absence from the scene. Mike Targanski from Michigan U.S.A. is back where he truly belongs. Creator of numerous ecstatic tracks under his artist name “Elevation” such as: “Ocean Rain“, “Biscayne“, “Stadium Control” and collaborations with fellow artists …

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TranceFix Review: Dim3nsion-Stampida [Coldharbour Recordings]

One of Spain’s favorite sons, Borja Iglesias Touceda (“DIM3NSION“), is an artist who is sincere, driven and purely focused on his biggest passion in life, the continuous creation of amazing and diverse dance music. Never too keen on falling into the same pattern with each production, he constantly experiments with …

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Exclusive Interview with Adina Butar!

Romanian singer/songwriter “Adina Butar” is an artist who knew since the very beginning what she craved most in life. Her passion for dance music, hard work ,talent, dedication and ability to write intricate and emotional tales and place them with grace within her music have got her far in her …

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