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    OUT William Byrne - Echo (incl. Hoopoe & Alan Banks Remixes) [Pure Trance]

    The foundation, build and arrangement is pretty solid, the break has some magic but its PREDICTIBLE and safely constructed wihtout surprises. It has the same issues as Hutan vs Matahari for me and that shows how small things can get a tune from a 6 or 7 to a 9 out of 10. Especially the...
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    OUT Bixx - Do the Right Thing [Nocturnal Knights]

    Yeah, its not too hard to be better than 90% upliifting these days. dead since 2006/07
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    Kineta - UTE009 [Ute.Rec]

    I like the downtempo track most haha. The other ones are too hyper/directionless for me.
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    Desiderio - Starlight (Original, AvB & Ferry Corsten Remixes) [2000]

    Love them all tbh, despite the cheese. Ferry´s mix is gold though. Great bassline and overall vibe.
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    Football Thread

    Sooo nostalgic!
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    Richard Durand - Ballad Of The Southern Sea [TBA]

    Durand was ironically a better producer with a distinct sound in 2003-2006/07.
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    L-3P - Yhoran [SPT007 | [Space Trax]

    Axtron reminds me of X-dream - This and their pre 1995 stuff but a little more techno-influenced. Not as good though :P
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    Richard Durand - Ballad Of The Southern Sea [TBA]

    wow. - why are modern production so incredibly BASIC? I thought dutch 1999 trance was simple but this is ridiculous. the only thing that is good in this track is the soundscape from 5.35-6.00. that wa actually tastefully done, but the rest is very standard basic production course 1.1 and...
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    Getting Better

    (how many prods uses the kick creatively these days, SERIOUSLY?)
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    Earthbound Essence of Life (J00F Remix) 1999

    This style needs a comeback !
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    Kayestone - Atmosphere (Angelic Remix) [2000]

    Listened to this yesterday. Never listened to it back then but its a good club/commercial trancer in the rank1/ayla style. Pretty iconic "drop" with the sash-guy-in-sunglasses keyboard stabs haha. and then we have that detuned ayla pluck or whatever on top. How its all executed and arranged...