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    What do you like Trancefix for?

    It's nice to have a place to talk and share music that is not reddit. I used r/trance for many years but all conversations disappear in 1 week. I do like how active it is there but reddit is a super active place in general, it doesn't always mean good. Their remix competitions are cool maybe you...
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    Funabashi - Back To The Future (Incl. Daniel Kandi Remix) [Blue Soho Recordings]

    Oh boy I hadn't seen this from last year. This is awesome. Really hope we can get some more from him.
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    Chris Johnson - The Next Chapter [Borderline]

    Hehe yes every release does sound like an 'vs activa' track, doesn't it? I don't mind too much as I like his sound, but would be nice for more variation in the label output. This one feels like the most banging one yet and that's cool. It's a nice track on first listen.
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    Robert Nickson has a synthwave alias called Analog 82. I heard one track on PURE Trance radio which was ok
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    OUT Slipstream & Sonic Element - What Defines Us [Borderline Music]

    The melody feels overly simple and predictable to me, the execution is too basic. It sounds beautiful though overall.
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    OUT Hoyaa & Lunar System - Morning Sunlight [Abora Recordings]

    Kind of dig this one. I used to listen to so much Abora Records, many years a go.
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    Temple One - Another Hope [Always Alive]

    Good banging one. Kick didn't need to be as super charged.
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    Music forums still exist!

    Hello and welcome
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    Electrovoya - Effervesce [2004]

    Ohhhh I never heard, it’s kinda a relaxing feel but still emotion filled and energerized.
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    OUT Aly & Fila x Billy Gillies - Kings (FSOE750 Anthem) [FSOE]

    Not bad. You know exactly what you will get with these anthem uplifters, it’s never gonna be that creative or one for hall of fame but they are fun to go big too at the event itself. Heard worse for sho.
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    OUT Luke Terry - Cryosphere [Borderline]

    Oh myyyyy. I just came from his other release thread (FSOE) and commented how I liked his different approach but this one here is even better and by far.
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    OUT Luke Terry - Never Forever [FSOE]

    Nice one from Luke T, prefer this style from him compared to recent releases. The synth really reminds me of a track from around 2012. Anyone?