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    Ordinary People (The Lords & Ladies of Shamballa) - Mahatma [1996]

    The epitome of classic progressive house. Only topped by Healing Dream
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    Trance artists who support russian war crimes in Ukraine

    haha, Nothing suggest that’s true
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    OUT You Are My Salvation - Remnant / Desolated [Forescape Digital]

    Thanks for listening and the comments. I respect your opinion (even tho im not agreeing with everything:) But i want to discus the above, can you elaborate on the this? Trance has more or less always had the same structure and sounddesign the last 30 years (with some exception ofc). But, isnt...
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    OUT You Are My Salvation - Remnant / Desolated [Forescape Digital]

    Thank you all for the comments, @Enlusion did a great job on the mastering side.
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    OUT Enlusion - Amethyst (You Are My Salvation Remix) [Forescape Digital]

    Thank you all for your comments. Really happy to read all your thoughts and feeeback. I was aiming for a Probspotish approach and im hoping i succeded somewhat. Thank you for your support!
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    You Are My Salvation - Part I [Album]

    Update, the correct version of Dawn has been uploaded to Bandcamp. Streamingservices Will be updated the coming weeks. Everyone that bought the album should have received a copy of the correct version
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    You Are My Salvation - Part I [Album]

    ’Dawn’ will soon available on both Bandcamp and streaming. Everyone that bought the album will receive the correct copy of ’Dawn’
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    You Are My Salvation - Part I [Album]

    Yeah, that’s kind of embarrassing. Apparently Asynja went out to all stores and in all promos. Working on to replace it so you can hear the real ’Dawn’
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    You Are My Salvation - Part I [Album]

    Wow, you’re indeed correct. I’ll remove it asap. Dont know what happened here. Thanks for the heads up!
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    You Are My Salvation - Part I [Album]

    Thanks for the kind words. No, ’Dawn’ is previously unreleased, finished it during 2021. Yeah, tried to make Spotify fix that for ages now…
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    You Are My Salvation - Part I [Album]

    And its out. Thank you for all the comments so far! Download on Bandcamp: Stream:
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    You Are My Salvation - TF Interview & Album Review

    Thank you for the kind words. Really enjoyed reading the review. Its funny cause i actually envisioned listening to the album on headphones while laying in a sofa. Thank you for the opportunity!
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    Similar trance tracks & rip-offs

    Darren Porter has produced most of his older tracks
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    Sebastian Brandt & Peter Steele - Singularity [RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT]

    Im sorry but that was very underwhelming. Did not sounds as i thought it would sound at all. Quite empty and lifeless.
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    Artifact303 - From The Stars[Global Sect][Artist Album]

    This has been on repeat since it came out. Best album i’ve heard in years. No cliches, just straight up melodic Goa trance
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    The TranceFix 'Best of 2020' Awards

    Thank you guys for the spot in the top 10! Also congrats to @Enlusion for the label and album-placements. Happy new year!