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  1. Aoi O

    8 Wonders - The Morning After

    8 Wonders means always quality :)
  2. Aoi O

    Mike Hiratzka & Justin Scott Dixon ‎– Two Worlds

    Something Massive for the old good Armin and Deep Dish late night sets :)
  3. Aoi O

    Apogee - Illusions (Marcos Mix) [2004]

    Marcos, was such a genius producer.... love this one.
  4. Aoi O

    Signum - Come Around Again [2004]

    nah sorry guys dub and only the original dub mix for me. masterpiece. the vocals are crap and don't like any other mixes. :)
  5. Aoi O

    Jan Vayne - The Promise Of A New World (Mark Otten Remix) [2004]

    one of the best melodic progressive trance ever
  6. Aoi O

    Signum - Come Around Again [2004]

  7. Aoi O

    Outback - State Of Emergy [2004]

    one of my all time favorites. an absolutely massive trance tune
  8. Aoi O

    Ballroom ‎– Passenger [2001]

    One of the best progressive trance tunes ever for me. Absolutely brilliant production. here is also the b side
  9. Aoi O

    Hidden Logic - Time [2004]

    one of the best trance tunes ever for me. It is still sounds incredible.
  10. Aoi O

    Red Karma ft. Tom Wolff - From One To Another (Mr Sam vs. Fred Baker Remix) [2004]

    such a fantastic remix.... pure timeless beauty
  11. Aoi O

    J. - Breaking The Silence (2004)

    Massive seems a poor word for this masterpiece. this how you break the silence :)
  12. Aoi O

    OUT Ferry Tayle & Airwave pres. Cape Town - Tears Of Jupiter [Fables]

    Here is it. By far the best release of the year and maybe of the decade if not saying more.... Sometimes words are not enough to describe the beauty of trance. For me the best tune these two have ever produced. An absolute masterpiece.
  13. Aoi O

    The Sabres of Paradise - Haunted Dancehall (Will Rees Rework)

    Another fantastic work from Will Rees ! this guys is always producing monsters.
  14. Aoi O

    OUT Driftmoon - Feel The Waves

    we like this kind of noise :) It has elements that reminds me the good old Driftmoon tunes and it is definitely not bad.
  15. Aoi O

    Arrakis - Aira Force (incl. Lemon8 remix) [2001]

    THe original was ok but the Lemon8 remix was propably one his best works and one of the best progressive dark trance tunes ever for me... Love it! and it was even A side of the release. Original Lemon8 remix
  16. Aoi O

    MurZo - Kiss The Night [FSOE]

    It is a great form and it has been around for many years focusing mostly on trance music... I love the posts and comments about classics specifically but sometimes for the upcoming releases as well. Not sure if we will see more about you here in the future but if you will do another good job...