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  1. IZE

    Rare tracks not found in download stores

    oh boy, this is intresting, i wonder what the flip side sounds like. A.M. never fails to deliver :p
  2. IZE

    Off Line – Utility EP [1999]

    not my cup of tea as it has that dutch cheese in some way, regardless, its a nice find, good to see rare stuff being posted every now and then!
  3. IZE

    Rare tracks not found in download stores lookin for this beastly track , a little cross over from 90s uk hard house and acid goa
  4. IZE

    Durango 95 - 5:55 (1998)

    very "chuggy" track, just kept on rolling.. don't think i ever heard anything like this before
  5. IZE

    Kristen - Airclass (1999) a very spacey metroid track. my cup of tea.
  6. IZE

    Machineries of Heaven - Epsilon Eridani (1997)

    great find! i was expecting similiar stuff goa or some old trance from its label (Defective) and funny enough i was greated with a mash of breakbeats, acid , experimental, downtempo and tribal house. It seems like its the only electronic music label in town signing up whatever they can. A...
  7. IZE

    C.A.D. - Humana (1999)

    i wonder why tracks like these never get featured on compilations or livesets. kinda sad it just gets buried deep real deep ylem style goa heavy!
  8. IZE

    Quake - Mantra (Forever) (Original Mix) (1999)

    Me too. Their remix of ATB - Don't stop is just one of a kind. When i first heard it on a Euphoria cd mixed by pf project, i was enamored by it. It turned a cheese laden track to a monster, totally did a 180 there. Also that flanger metallic bassline, not sure if ive ever heard anybody else...
  9. IZE

    BBG - Do Anything (Pink Bomb Remix) (1997)

    finally, 1mason11 from TA was able to ID this very unknown track and its of course no where to be found presumably extinct in the wild
  10. IZE

    Cheesy Trance Thread

    Now that you mentioned Shanghai carnival, its the same over here as you get all these wacky "techno" bootleg mixes in y2k on repeat mode and these type of cheeze are uniquely asian as most of it gets swiped left in europe and dumped over here i believe Eyeleen - Sailing Away - i really love...
  11. IZE

    Fourth Inc – Trip To Jülich (Fridge Remix) [1999]

    Fridge and their chunky bassdrum, love it
  12. IZE

    Strada - CS1 (1998)

    from a very obscure label that i swear nobody knew about :ROFLMAO:
  13. IZE

    Rare tracks not found in download stores

    Anyway heres what i found and have. Afaik these are relatively good quality
  14. IZE

    Rare tracks not found in download stores

    wait, so if im hearing you right, you don't even want vinyl rips? web lossless ≠ good rips. many of them lossy re-encoded and i do get them from the artists themselves unintentionally Italian Mediterranean progressives from 94-98 are impossible to acquire in mp3 yet alone lossless as they have...
  15. IZE

    Rare tracks not found in download stores have you try soulseek or DC++? some of those are pretty common tracks
  16. IZE

    Rare tracks not found in download stores

    Marc La Cruz & Ace Da Brain - Spacewalk Anybody has this hard trance gem EP in lossless? you should try asking one of the brothers Maximilian Beitz on facebook as he's still active ghost producing for other trance producers. Unfortunately they are once sold digitally on
  17. IZE

    Dream - Get Over (Flutlicht Remix) (2001)

    what a time when Jpop trance remixes was hip and everybodys doing it all thanks to velfarre, avex trax and konami's DDR/Beatmania "cyber trance" craze. Move, Naime Amuro, X JApan, MAX, Globe, Every Little Thing, Ayu and everything in between. Many of them where never released outside asia, if...
  18. IZE

    CJ Buchannon - Set You Free (Club Mix) 2000

    this track has EXACTLY the same dreamy and ominous mood as Gent - I Give you More posted a while back Please if found any similiar vibe please tell me! /Melts
  19. IZE

    Michael Urgacz aka Beam passed away (R.I.P.)

    He was a name that every dancefloor addict knew in the late 90s early 2000s trance scene . his style was instantly recognizable with his flamboyant strings from Sound of Love, Thunder in paradise to Lifestyle and in his wake spawns memorable remixes by the likes of Dumonde, DJ Scot Project and...
  20. IZE

    Barbarus - Virtual Religion [1997]

    sounds very much like their more commercial track "barbarus - hold on"