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    Allende - Fading Light [Pure Trance]

    Terrific track, can’t get enough of it
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    Konkrete – Law Unto Myself [2001]

    Top choons. John had a magic touch, this must have been early in his career?
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    Zenon Records / Zenonesque

    I used to find this Zenonesque stuff on back in the day when I had no clue about any genres, especially psy genres, which seemed to have about 50 different licks. Looks like the site was doing its thing until end of 2018. It used to have heaps of free music to download there, it...
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    Dubstep Thread

    The first one 'Lapwing' is an example of where dubstep has gone today. So dope. The second one' Jah Way' is like your og dubstyle, not sophisticated but done well. Geode - Lapwing RSD - Jah Way
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    Best House/Prog/Tech/Deep of 2023

    Love this bro
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    OUT Airwave pres. R3tronauts - This Is The Way EP [Fables]

    Not half bad. Lil flat and empty but don't mind that much.
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    Rambal Cochet - Mixed Reality (EP) (Spacelab)

    Woah these are bloody brilliant
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    Basil O' Glue - Empire [BAGRUHM]

    Basil O’Glue style ain’t too shabby If you ask me. Not gonna pretend it ain’t kind of generic but If the mood is right he does a good job.
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    The Drum & Bass Thread

    In a right stonkin DnB and Breaks phase right now in my life. Tune into these if you want some real dope sounds Machinedrum - Gunshotta (Om Unit VIRemix) Jubei - Alignment Lenzman - Ever So Slightly
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    Breakbeats, Big Beat, IDM, Garage, Post-Breaks, 2-Step etc

    My city Melbourne is takin off with the underground music at the moment and some good break beat coming out. Super dope to see that flourish with the generation and little younger than mine. Forum here actually showed me heaps of tracks from Australian and Melbourne producers, it was under my...
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    Alan Backdrop - Insane World (Album) [Self Released]

    Got through about 70% and liked what I heard so far. Very driving and forward moving, I used to like hearing this kind of music on JOOFs radio show. I think with 32 tracks some different styles could have been nice as it does feel very similar throughout. There's no chance I remember any of...
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    Enigma State - Transolar [ESM - Self Release]

    Man you just keep delivering uplifting tracks that take everything else out of the picture. I am so excited to hear your album. Any idea of when you will aim for release? 2023?