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    OUT Will Atkinson - Washing Machine [Victims Helpline]

    Absolutely bizarre and if i went to a trance event and heard this i would go to smoking area fs
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    Kenny Mitchell - Winter Trance Mix 2023 New trance mix folks nice wee winter warmer Nicholson, Paul Clark Feat Chelsea Holland - In Your Arms (Extended Mix) Steve Dekay - Supremacy (Extended Mix) Davey Asprey - Subversion (Extended Mix) Inoblivion - When Darkness Falls...
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    OUT Simon Patterson - US (No-So Remix) [VII]

    Should have been left well alone total pointless remix
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    My first ever trance mix

    Giving this a wee listen now :) some good stuff in there
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    Kenny Mitchell - November Trance Mix

    20 of my favourite tracks from this month Kenny Mitchell - Never Give Up (Original Mix) Richard Durand Feat Clara Yates - Million Stars (Extended Mix) Ralphie B - Massive (Steve Dekay Extended Mix) Ramin Arab, Harshil Kamdar - Euphoria Supply (Extended Mix) Allen Watts - Avalon (Extended Mix)...
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    OUT Billy Hendrix - Body Shine (Will Rees Remix) [Armada Captivating]

    The crowd and myself at trance sanctuary werent moaning when it was played on Saturday lol
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    Lostly - Saudade [Subculture]

    Remember this from his set at Rong wandering who it was was surprised to hear it was lostly really good track
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    Temple One - Vivid Motion [Blue Soho Recordings]

    I kinda like this :) not his best but a decent effort imo 7\10
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    Paul Denton - Recoil [FSOE]

    it's decent 6.8\10 not blown away
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    Sam Laxton - Innocence [FSOE]

    As for this track i like it has a feel good factor to it and it isnt obliterated with white noise and over compression i have heard worse tracks this year and of course better but its a solid enough release for me.
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    Sam Laxton - Innocence [FSOE]

    When are yous gonna realise it isnt 20 years ago anymore and the glory days arent gonna come back and maybe try to enjoy what little trance scene there is left instead of criticising every song lol
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    Kenny Mitchell

    Having lost my old soundcloud :( and having to start again in july just thought i would post my link here loads of new mixes and songs to go up in next week or two follow away guys
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    OUT Ben Gold - Rest Of Our Lives [Armada]

    As for the track not to bad at all 6.7\10
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    OUT Ben Gold - Rest Of Our Lives [Armada]

    Absolutely nothing wrong with bashing a song if you dont like it but absolutely no right to personally attack an individual for liking a certain track everyone has different likes or tastes and some of the abuse in here is rather ridiculous at times people have to understand alot of people like...
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    OUT Paul Denton - Blinded By The Lights [Subculture]

    he played this at planet love in Belfast on saturday