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    The Conductor & The Cowboy - Feeling This Way (Magdelayna's Recollection Mix)

    The original is a stone cold Trance classic! This version really does it justice!
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    Solarstone - Shards (LostLegend Bootleg)

    Outstanding, simple as that! I actually really like the male vocal.
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    303 and Kick imprroved: Timelines: Feedback req on my latest WIP

    Love the intro, the vocal sample sounds great and love the acids but at almost 3 mins it's maybe a bit too long for my tastes (maybe I'm just impatient)! Could 30 seconds be trimmed off somehow? For me the biggest thing I would change is the Kick. After the big building intro I was really...
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    Frustrated with not getting a 'genuine' trance sound

    To me the 2nd track (Believe in Minds one) sounds much more 2000's than the first one. The Acids, the lead sound and riff sound totally on point to me so more of what you've done in that track than the first!! Also as someone else mentioned mixing in the first track is not great, seems much...
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    Getting through Schizophrenia- Bobby Summa

    So brave but important to make music about this topic. I think this track would work well as a down-tempo chillout tune, maybe even beat-less.
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    Eletania - A solar Day

    There's some nice elements in here but for me the chords and lead in the breakdown don't quite gel together correctly musically. Also that bass that comes at 4:07, should it be so heavily side-chained when there is no kick present? From the drop onwards (5:02) it sounds REALLY nice but the kick...
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    LostLegend - The Worlds Beyond

    That's just really nicely produced classic Trance! I've liked on Spotify and added you to my followed artists. I'd love to do a remix but I doubt I'd do it any justice!
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    Cosmic Mission (WIP) - Bobby Summa

    Solid start, Underworldy vibe going on there, how do you see it developing?
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    Ben Theaker - Ishtar - Feedback request

    Thanks for the feedback, as with everyone else I really appreciate it! Really loved listening to your 'Echoes of You' EP, it's exactly the trance I like listening to so really pleased you like the elements of my track! Definitley going to go away and work hard on making the mix a lot better.
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    Ben Theaker - Ishtar - Feedback request

    I'm struggling with it too haha, but I usually do these: Thanks for those very practical tips, appreciate it! Going to work on the track over the next week or so and I'll definitley try most of what you suggested so thank you!!
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    Ben Theaker - Ishtar - Feedback request

    Thank you so much for the feedback, I'm finding all these constructive comments so helpful! With regard to the mix yes this is what I find the hardest thing. I come from a classical music background (not amazing but GCSE Music and Grade 7 piano) so composition and arrangement isn't what I...
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    Ben Theaker - Ishtar - Feedback request

    Thanks so much for the feedback, I really appreciate it! I agree with you are 100% about the muddiness, that's the first thing I'm going to do actually, go and turn the reverb down on pretty much every track it's on and see if I can make it cleaner! I also agree the beat+bass groove isn't...
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    Ben Theaker - Ishtar - Feedback request

    Thanks so much for your feedback, I really appreciate it! I'll have a look at those chords again and play around with a few variations. Great idea for the riser, I might run it through a trance gate and maybe put it through a mild bit crusher to give it a bit more dirt. When I was listening...
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    Ben Theaker - Ishtar - Feedback request

    I used to make music for fun on old Keyboard Workstations like the Korg M1 and Yamaha SY85 but then work and family got in the way.... Fairly recently I started making music again this time using a DAW or course! This is the first track I 'finished'. I was going for a 2010 Trance vibe, not...
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    Skylander (feat. Senseii) - Separation (Version 2)

    Some nice elements to this but for me they don't always gel together that well. With the Kick and Bass groove the bass seems a little loud to me and I'm not a huge fan of that piano when it first comes in on it's own but it seems to work nicely when it comes back later in the track. Definitely...
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    Magdelayna - Lifecycles (Original 4x4 Trance - progress thread)

    Really nice track, definitely classic trance feel with more modern sounding synths. I would agree with Hensmon, a bit more variation would have been nice, especially in a 9 minute track but nevertheless this is something I would definitely listen to.
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    Bobby Summa & Stonedove - Sin3waves [WIP]

    Nice sounding track so far. Nice Groove, the Bass sits nicely, love the vocal sample. For me the Synths that start around 1m 15s could be less busy, they sound a bit cluttered but definitely the track has some promise.
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    First release! - Bardak - Wayman

    I Like it. Nicely produced, decent variation with some nice melodic elements.