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  1. Hensmon

    Maara - Hear Me Neigh (EP) [Kalahari Oyster Cult]

    Her Juicy track didnt do anything for me, and samples not really getting me excited either. Love the vibe and energy, also percs sounds really nice, but find it musically boring for my taste. Really enjoyed her album from this year though, was so good, maybe my favourite from the year
  2. Hensmon

    UFOs and Aliens

    Agree with most of what you said @Manofearth, and get the frustration on the slow progress to the truth. Absolutely agree that it's obvious UAP represent something physical and are under intelligent control, no one credible disagrees with that fact, and thankfully even the sceptics are moving...
  3. Hensmon

    ALT MODE - Before The Dawn (Original Mix) [LANDSCAPES MUSIC]

    Nice chill one. Soundwise pretty nice, which is something I know I have been critical of in the past on some of your tracks. Look forward to hearing the whole thing.
  4. Hensmon

    DJ Life - Southern Seas EP [Craigie Knowes]

    Sounds are all great, Southern Seas is nice little groover and love the very soft synths he chose, but dunno.... just want more musical content and better arrangements. Just not exciting or interesting to listen to (for me).
  5. Hensmon

    TranceFix Radio #14 - Psychedelic Pathways - Mixed by Hoplite

    Yeah we will start doing timestamps, agreed
  6. Hensmon

    Norul & TDJ - Forgot Me Never [Self Release]

    Don't know what the vocals remind me of, and i know they are cheesey as hell but I kind of like them. The track is a bit basic feeling to be honest, especially for Julian Muller standards who is usually quite good. p.s please remember to add the label on the thread title (updated it for you...
  7. Hensmon

    Rambal Cochet - Temporal Aura [Crystal Ceremony]

    Released in summer but only just found now thanks to a share in the nu-trance (aka "classic") thread. Maybe not my standout from him this year, but enjoyed all of these a fair bit. They all take a while to get going, but when they do its pretty nice. Kitario is a great example. Last part of the...
  8. Hensmon

    Any genres currently having their 'Golden Years'?

    I think there's a point where the two overlap, where really high quality stuff is realized fully (uniting the underground and non-underground) and a strong cultural movement appears. The events start increasing, the volume of quality increases, new ideas flourish, the buzz is everywhere, people...
  9. Hensmon

    Any genres currently having their 'Golden Years'?

    Yes but i'm not talking about the first invention, but the 'golden moment' where popularity, quality and cultural movements all diverge in some ratio together. Some say Trance golden years was 99 for example, but we had almost 10 years of people making Trance before that point.
  10. Hensmon

    Any genres currently having their 'Golden Years'?

    Yeah I have found a great love for dub techno in recent years by looking in the more obscure places, finding those quality ones that do exist. I'm more just making an observation that 'background' interpretations of this genre, and many other genres, seem to have had an explosion in the last...
  11. Hensmon

    Incolumis - At the Gates/North Stone [2004]

    Both great. So dark and driving, but beautiful synths alongside it. Hard to choose which one I prefer. 2004 strikes again.
  12. Hensmon

    Any genres currently having their 'Golden Years'?

    Weird one, but how about the 'non-thinking' genres. I brought up lo-fi before. It's not a genre meant for dancing but also Its not even meant for listening. It's background, switch off music, or something to fill a void. The genre is just one example of the larger cultural/listening norm today...
  13. Hensmon

    Sunda & ByDesign - Pillars / White Dwarf [Borderline]

    Lol ffs. Getting told off about my comment on my own website, from comment public enemy no1, of all people :LOL:. Just leaving a bit of support on a thread of something I enjoy, not always in the mood to explain why or cant find the words. What's the harm? Little bump for the tune, friendly...
  14. Hensmon

    OUT Enigma State - Lunar’s Theme (E-State Remix) [Self-Release]

    Love it. Pure Trance music for me. Your tougher, serious stuff is great.
  15. Hensmon

    Analogue Relaxation

    This definitely has the analogue relaxation spirit, but maybe a bit too lo-fi and harsher with some sounds, not giving that full drift away underwater experience. Quite nice though! Yuto Takei - Tinu
  16. Hensmon

    Hello from Spain

    Welcome. Similar story to me, it was around 2004 when I first started really following the genre more. Still think this is one of the best years for Trance too. Enjoy the forum
  17. Hensmon

    Best Trance tracks of 2023

    Putting together the shortlist tracks for Best of 2023 voting at the moment! Going through all the release section and the various threads and finding some gems. New design coming for this years voting too, gonna be a good! Eversines - Problem Solving Mode Ion Tail Mikkel Rev - Subsea...
  18. Hensmon

    SNCD04 - Welcome To Paradise EP [SNC Recs]

    Not bad punchy progressive house sounds, and a nice remix from Bliss Inc too. From October. Here are the two I enjoyed the most BT (Do I Smell A Bassline) Dream Machine (Bliss Inc Remix