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    Enigma State - Transolar [ESM - Self Release]

    Slipped past my radar too. Another great track. You’ve been on fire this year, how many tracks in the end from you. A big step up from the previous years and I am still eagerly anticipating the album. The roster of producers from the known trance scene should pay attention on how to actually...
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    Rambal Cochet - Temporal Aura [Crystal Ceremony]

    Very nice. The production sounds more modern than the other releases I saw from him, but not still keeping a lot of nice character. It is slow to move but when it does I feel it. Waiting For Reality is a relaxing prog ride.
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    Spray - OT Rails [Spray]

    OT rails is a good danceable one, with very punchy feeling and old school synths. Ceathair didnt go anywhere to make me want to listen again.
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    OUT Coredata - Øna EP [Borderline]

    I liked both of these tracks on Movements, but for whatever reason they are not standout Coredata tracks for me, I cant really explain why. I do like the Warehouse remix a good deal.
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    OUT Allan Morrow - Strobe / Willingness [Borderline]

    Another Borderline release for my collection. Two brilliant tracks.
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    Interview TF Interview: UK Underground Trance & Prog Producer, Narel.

    Always love reading these, and this is one of the best. The reminder of End Game is appreciated, I played it while readying and its such a wonderful track.
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    Active Sight - The Search For Freedom [2004]

    Outrageously good and a first listen for my ears. I can see why you had strong words for it @mattydmc
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    Hamas attacking Universo Parallelo psytrance festival in Israel

    How does a response of raining fire down on the most densely populated area on earth help the situation. I don’t understand. They have labeled the entire Gaza people terrorists and given themselves a free pass to turn their small world into rubble and blood. It’s exactly what the Americans...
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    OUT Paranoia 106 - Featured Artist LP [LANDSCAPES MUSIC]

    Quick listens but I like what I’m hearing
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    Who are the best producers in the scene right now (and why)?

    Digital Blonde, Narel and Enigma State. I do like the odd release from the underground that are shared here but wouldnt say I particularly follow those artists or see them making good tracks each month.
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    Maracca - Invocation [1998]

    Chase is the choice for me too, very nice.
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    OUT Thurlow Joyce - Lemon Citrus [NAFF]

    Very nice. Varial has that relaxing atmos but is techy enough to keep it interesting and moving forward.
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    OUT Andre Maier - Es Vedra EP [Trancefix Recordings]

    Citra is excellent and very classic trance feeling, at least to me. I really like it.
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    Duende - Luna Negra (2006)

    Strong nostalgia here
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    Airwave's Gofund Me to secure right to his music

    Donated. A little confusing and long winded messages from him in his explanations but the objective seems worthy
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    Aguila - The Club On 27th West [2019]

    Are you asking me or suggesting it is this type of Trance? I have no idea. I never heard these phrases or genres. Mediterranean implies a balaeric feeling, which is not in this music.
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    Second Sun - Empire (2002)

    Happy to rediscover these. Brilliant.
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    Aguila - The Club On 27th West [2019]

    Each one is really good. B2 and A1 in particular are really nice. House music with very Trancey themes. Usually that would give it some classification as Progressive House but that doesn’t seem right. Unfortunately Trance House does not roll off the tongue.
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    TranceFix Radio #13 - Fiesta de Trance - Mixed by Julian Del Agranda

    It was a fun golden years mix. Always enjoy the episodes you release, thanks.