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    Breakbeats, Big Beat, IDM, Garage, Post-Breaks, 2-Step etc

    Combination of rave breaks and ambient breaks. The last section is the best. lone - reverse waterfall
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    OUT AbduI Raeva - Codeine [self released]

    Cant really make my mind up from one listen but Its got a lot I like
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    Spray - OT Rails [Spray]

    Here is Ceathair
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    Active Sight - The Search For Freedom [2004]

    Big track, takes me backkkkk
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    Subterfuge - I.D. Sanctuary [2000]

    Fuck this is some phenomenal Trance right here
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    OUT Allan Morrow - Strobe / Willingness [Borderline]

    Not the biggest borderline fan but these do a good job
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    Hamas attacking Universo Parallelo psytrance festival in Israel

    Makes no sense what you said. The situation is more akin to having someone kill your husband, and you going into the street and murdering as many people you can in the town next door, who have nothing to do with it. That's called senseless revenge.
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    Biosphere - Kobresia It doesn't get much better for me
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    OUT Thurlow Joyce - Lemon Citrus [NAFF]

    Hits in all the right places. Varial is better but Lemon Citrus is great too.
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    Breakbeats, Big Beat, IDM, Garage, Post-Breaks, 2-Step etc

    Kasbah & Bab - Amine Break frequenting in my sets
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    Omformer - UTE011 [Ute.Rec]

    UTE deliver again
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    Utopian Streams - Second Wave [Gestalt Records]

    Gestalt is one of the best labels currently. Hoping their release schedule speeds up and we get more releases as they grow. This is another great drop from them.
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    Adam Pits - Synthetic Serenity [On Rotation] (Artist Album)

    As a personal choice, not as rated as Reflex Blue's breaks album from this year, but fukin damn close. Adam delivered with this.
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    Spray - VT Trad [Kalahari Oyster Cult]

    I can confirm that I was one to pick this up on vinyl ✋
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    Gzardin - RM12021 [R.A.N.D Musik]

    Bellpoint and Robusticks good
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    The Thrillseekers - NewLife (incl. Lange Remix) [2004]

    This melody is giving me huge goosebumps even after 100 listens. Lange remix I prefer today more than the original as in my ears it's got more energy and more epic feeling. Really good lift of feeling I cant describe. Original Lange