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  1. Spacetime

    TranceFix Radio #14 - Psychedelic Pathways - Mixed by Hoplite

    I am not a big listener of psychedelic music but will try this out, thank you
  2. Spacetime

    Interview TF Interview: UK Underground Trance & Prog Producer, Narel.

    A great interview Narel. Hooj Choons really was the best label. I also salute your choices of Home, Offshore, Pop The Caps Adventure in the track selection.
  3. Spacetime

    OUT SY - Przfour EP [Prozpektiva]

    All rather nice I must say. I discover much more of this genre thanks to this website. I didnt even know about bandcamp and i would say my taste is growing stronger for this music. Classic trance ftw though.
  4. Spacetime

    UFOs and Aliens

    What if they need water. Some moons have water, but under deep layers of solid ice or rock. Earth is the only surface and stable water body in the solar system. If they need this then we are the best stop. If they need instead something from Jupiter, and already have the technology to make the...
  5. Spacetime

    UFOs and Aliens

    Thinking about the aliens visiting us for gas theory again...I saw it mentioned before that because our system has no unique, rare or special resources they have no reason to visit for that purpose. I am not sure about that. I think its the wrong perspective. It's not a matter of special...
  6. Spacetime

    OUT a.s.o. - a.s.o. remixed (incl. Maara Remix) [Low Lying Records]

    The vocals of Falling Under reminds me so much of this Conjure one track. A very beautiful singing style and track. Falling under Centre of the sun (Solarstone Chillout Remix)
  7. Spacetime

    What happened to Incolumis?

    As someone who knows nothing about this producer, it’s been a treat to listen to the suggestions here this last week. Keep ‘em coming!
  8. Spacetime

    Dj Tiësto - Magik 6 party video has surfaced

    What a time. So great to see the footage an reminisce of that time. I got to experience only a slice of it
  9. Spacetime

    UFOs and Aliens

    We have to disagree about Earth not being worth the visit. There are more than enough reasonably solid speculative reasons, and no reasons to assume they wouldn't. At the very least, arguing that aliens will never come to Earth because we cannot perceive a motivation to do so is a stretch too...
  10. Spacetime

    OUT Pulser - The Light Beyond / The Other Side of Time / Wake The Angels [Toneplay Records]

    Happy that he came back, and he delivered good music too. After many listens I now can say that Wake The Angels is my favorite. Hope we get more from him in 2024.
  11. Spacetime

    UFOs and Aliens

    I thought about this more. Aliens could visit earth for very mundane or logical reasons. First they may just wish to catalog and move on, a simple probe or stop by to gain info and leave. The other reason is that I am sure their technology will still need material for energy and maintenance...
  12. Spacetime

    UFOs and Aliens

    I find this planet to be exceptional, not a shit hole. The beauty in all the biospheres cannot even be counted. Even if they have seen a million planets I still bet ours has something unique. And besides, humans are interesting, even to advanced life probably. We ourselves study 'lesser'...
  13. Spacetime

    OUT Pulser - The Light Beyond / The Other Side of Time / Wake The Angels [Toneplay Records]

    Really is a nice surprise and a great day for trance to see his return. Each track has something very nice about it, will support.
  14. Spacetime

    OUT Activa - Velika [VII]

    Simple but good. It does sound like Paul Van Dyk bass and drums
  15. Spacetime

    Simon O'Shine - Eternal Dreamer [Audioresearch Music]

    Got it right with this one, nice release.
  16. Spacetime

    OUT Andre Maier - Es Vedra EP [Trancefix Recordings]

    Damn guys these are good. Citra baseline is chunky and whole thing has great energy and uplifting approach, it says 2004 to my ears. Bella Domina slaps hard and I like it, it’s more to the point trance, don’t hear as much classic trance influence apart from few sounds here and there. Es Vedra is...