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    OUT Will Atkinson - Last King Of Scotland [Album] [Blackhole Recordings]

    Kismet Energy is a future classic for me. What a banger. Have been listening to it whole workout gym session, pure energy.
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    OUT Alex M.O.R.P.H - Starfleet Commander [Vandit]

    Yeah it's got some energy in the melody and the build-up is not too bad. Nothing exciting overall.
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    Active Sight - Tears Of Joy [2004]

    Beautiful. I find this melody very romantic and touching in some sense.
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    OUT Hoopoe - Hutan [Pure Trance]

    This is absolutely beautiful. Love every single thing about this tune including the lenght. Lovely piece of trance.
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    The 'Currently Listening' Thread

    Nalin & Kane - Talkin about (van Bellen Remix) Absolutely legendary 👌
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    Ava Mea - In The End [2005]

    An absolute classic, but Hydroid & Santiago Nino squeezed even more from it, and I prefer that version. Both are absolutely brilliant.
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    Luminosity Beach Festival Thread

    I do have 4-days ticket and pray every day so it can happen.
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    OUT Cosmithex - Ground Control (incl. Alfredo Calderini, You Are My Salvation Remixes)

    Both remixes really nice, but there is something missing for me in Alfredo's remix. YAMS is my favourite here. Great release after all!
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    OUT Horizons - Cusco EP (Feat. Coredata / Paranoia 106 Remixes) [LANDSCAPES MUSIC 027]

    Original>Paranoia 106>Coredata. All 3 versions are interesting. Good release(y)
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    The 'Currently Listening' Thread

    Tony McGuinness @ Sunday Deep Set 11 Love his Deep Sets, put me in a good mood every single morning
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    Tiesto pres. VER:WEST - 5 Seconds Before Sunrise

    I'm not very excited about this particular track (it's still decent though), but this whole project gives me a lot of hope that we will see at least a classy come back to dreamy, melancholic, summer atmosphere which has been such a big part of Tiesto's journey for years. Quite exciting news tbf.
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    OUT Trance Wax - Manaya EP [Anjunabeats]

    Interesting release. Very fresh and positive vibes.
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    A new era of TranceFix - Welcome to the new forum!

    Hi everyone! Very happy with new look and new rules as well (y)