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    Is electronic more (or less) creative now than in the past?

    I think it’s less about the specific percentage rather than the fact that the clear majority is low quality.
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    Is electronic more (or less) creative now than in the past?

    A good starting point for such a discussion is Sturgeon’s law - 90% of everything published is garbage. Applies to any genre across any time period. A second point to keep in mind is that there is no objective measuring scale for creativity, quality, emotionality etc. Thus to make matters worse...
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    A Girl Ive Met... (A Trance Love Story)

    The first days of 2024 have resulted in concrete proof that unicorns do exist on earth!
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    (Why) are there no new ideas in trance?

    It’s ironic that even most of the ideas in this thread regarding the causes of a lack of ideas in trance are at least 10 years old. I think it’s time to shoot the lame horse and end it’s and it’s owner’s, here I am referring to the poor listener of trance music, misery. Let’s move on.
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    Airwave's Gofund Me to secure right to his music

    Actually, to me it seems a very small amount when one compares his contribution to the trance scene. The sad part is that this is a fair reflection of how small the trance scene is. The entire back catalog of one of the most talented and prolific artists presumably costs less than a handful of...
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    Shocking stuff that destroys what was once our trance scene

    Nobody has ever called me an optimist, I am all for some negativity (just wait till you reach the last sentence of this post) But in response to the question of this topic I must say: “Threads like these”. It just seems that the majority of the conversations that I read here revolve around the...
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    Your Top 5 Armin Van Buuren Tracks

    Oh how the mighty have fallen! On the top tracks, for me it is “Burned with Desire” and I don’t even need another top 4 slots. The song is a combination of things that I like in trance with memories of youth and events that occurred at the time I listened to that song. Emotions are stronger...
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    AI, procedural generation and other new music technologies - What does the future of music hold?

    Looking back, at what can only be described as humanity’s less than perfect ability to predict future developments, the only thing we can say with any level of certainty is that the emerging technologies will change the future. What we can say with absolute certainty is thay we do not know how...
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    I'm listening to every single classic trance track ever made to write a book about them [Update #4 - Tier List sneak peek]

    I say this with the best of intentions, but this is a colossal waste of time. Even back in day, 20 years ago, when trance was the top genre and I was listening to new releases every week as they came out (oh youth and its free time) the honest truth was that most of them were crap. You don’t...
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    What band or music artist you hate that everyone seem to love and why?

    Markus Schulz, I tried listening to his albums and compilations a number of times over a course of 15 and everything is just utterly boring. When non EDM people say all electronic music is the same I get what they are saying when listening to Markus, the definition of boredom. All the songs just...
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    Trance compilations 2000 - 2006

    Hello Everyone! I looked through the rules and this seems the right place to post. However, let me know if I missed the proper guidance. I began listening to trance around 2004 or right about the time when trance slowed down and a lot of progressive music came into the mix. The problem is that...
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    Hi All I haven’t written in forums since shut down almost (over?) a decade ago. However, today I stumbled upon the Destination Amnesia mix from 2003 and, to be truly honest, I haven’t felt such “shivers” from listening to music for 15+ years. I started listening to trance somewhere...