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  1. No Return

    Jackob Roenald & Mike Moor - Fusions / Cloud Nine [Borderline]

    They sound similar to each other. Don't know how I feel about them right now
  2. No Return

    Beltrac & Urban Guidance - Nature [Neptune Discs]

    That one above slaps. Bring on the next
  3. No Return

    Rambal Cochet – Seeds of Unconsciousness [Junction Forest]

    Mushroom trance. Thumbs up from me.
  4. No Return

    Basil O'Glue - Remember 98 / Things You Don't Understand [BAGRUHM]

    Down for this. Things You Dont Understand is minimal and deep
  5. No Return

    TranceFix Radio #016 - TF Best of 2023 Mix II - Mixed by A992

    Unreal mix @SaltAcidFatHeatAcid
  6. No Return

    TranceFix Best of 2023 - VOTE OPEN! - Thoughts on this year?

    The votes are in baby! Might surprise you guys but Coredata - Geometric (Warehouse Remix) is my toty. I just love Coredata's sound, i love the creativity in the track, and I love the nod to Platipus, my goat label. This one really landed perfectly for me. Borderline easily the best label...
  7. No Return

    Enigma State - Transolar [ESM - Self Release]

    Solid tune, kinda mainstream in feel so never gonna be toty material for me like your other stuff from recent years but it’s still in a class above everyone else I the same space
  8. No Return

    The Digital Blonde - Synthony [PsyWorld Records]

    Can’t wait to see what the maestro has in store
  9. No Return

    Rambal Cochet - Temporal Aura [Crystal Ceremony]

    Kitaro I my pick. Wish the energized beat in the last 2 minutes was more in the rest of the track because it sounds fucking nice.
  10. No Return

    Best Trance tracks of 2023

    I’ve enjoyed the minimal trance explorations from this year Caldera - Turbine Mode LOIF - Alien System
  11. No Return

    Incolumis - At the Gates/North Stone [2004]

    Dope af, from one the best that ever graced the scene. Imagine hearing The Gate on a club system, it would blast the skin off the head. What a deep and teasing build up.
  12. No Return

    TranceFix Radio #14 - Psychedelic Pathways - Mixed by Hoplite

    Eventually I got round to making the listen happen. You killed it. These ones straight into the download folder….
  13. No Return

    OUT a.s.o. - a.s.o. remixed (incl. Maara Remix) [Low Lying Records]

    That Maara remix is bliss and the whole EP is smooth as hell.
  14. No Return

    OUT CC:DISCO! Feat Confidence Man - Chez Moi (Waiting For You) [Phantasy Sound]

    Spray remix is the better one. Kind of boring idea even if sounds a good.
  15. No Return

    RIGSON - Ayys [Self release]

    Simple and nostalgic. Not exciting me if i'm honest but it's fun to listen to.
  16. No Return

    Spray - OT Rails [Spray]

    OT rails sounds fckin great
  17. No Return

    Interview TF Interview: UK Underground Trance & Prog Producer, Narel.

    Narel you are fucking killing it with your music man. You and Coredata got this underground sound locked down, almost the only dudes on JOOF who get me excited today (alongside DB). Synthy Kid album was dope as, the whole mix of different styles is what made for a way better experience than if...