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  1. TwinSilo

    UFOs and Aliens

    If you can’t even acknowledge and agree on something so basic and obvious such as the relevance of the religious perspective in a alien disclosure scenario, then I can only assume you’re no longer discussing in good faith with me anymore. I know you aren’t this stupid, so what’s going on here...
  2. TwinSilo

    Quantum Mechanics ‎- Entrophy/Disorder [2003]

    Just want I needed. Quality trance in every way. I had a look around an seems a bandcamp purchase is available
  3. TwinSilo

    UFOs and Aliens

    Why did you bold out theologians?
  4. TwinSilo

    Cybernet - Key To Equilibrium [Gestalt Records]

    Liking them all on first play, no big stand outs however.
  5. TwinSilo

    UFOs and Aliens

    2023 was huge year for UAP and disclosure, I never expected so much progress to be made. The different congressional hearings across the world, whistleblower protection laws, Grusch's testimony and also the writing of the new amendment titled The UAP Disclosure Act of 2023. This bill outlined...
  6. TwinSilo

    Petition to Rename "A State of Trance" to Reflect its Shift from Traditional Trance Music

    Nothing wrong with what Armin is doing. After what he did for us for years the man has the right to play 3 hours of bagpipe music on the show if he wants. And as already pointed out, he still plays Trance music, despite what all the naysayers say.
  7. TwinSilo

    The Best of 2023 - RESULTS!

    Enigma State does what he does again. Not surprised Rambal scored so highly either, he was a real surprise this year. All in all big congrats and thanks to everyone involved. Who needs DJ mag top 100 when you have TranceFix.... Great work. I was a member of the old tf too and you all have...
  8. TwinSilo

    Nic Vegter - Amazone Fall [2003]

    Brilliant find
  9. TwinSilo

    Three Drives - Greece 2000 (Original Mix) (1998)

    Had no idea there were so many remixes. Like most of you probably here I heard the original and it acted as one of the many gateways into the genre. I still like it still but would never put it one. More hope that it comes on on the radio. That MWNN remix is rad as hell.
  10. TwinSilo

    TranceFix Best of 2023 - VOTE OPEN! - Thoughts on this year?

    Very similar voting to me @Hoplite. Regrets also my toty, same for album and Rambal Cochet also my no1 producer Actually, would be curious to see what @rambalcochet would vote on. And also @Daysleeper …. After brutalizing the entire scene all year I think it’s time for some positivity and tell...
  11. TwinSilo

    Facade - Daedra [Forescape Digital]

    The existence of harsh critics is just the nature of art. You can’t have such powerful positive emotions with something like music and not expect the opposite the exist too. Ying and ying so to speak. Is there anything more emotive than music? The strength on either end is in a direct...
  12. TwinSilo

    TranceFix Best of 2023 - VOTE OPEN! - Thoughts on this year?

    I thought this year was strong for trance and progressive, but mostly because of the underground movements, which arguably is still a fair bit detached from trance and a lot of what is claiming to be the second coming of trance and prog (with liberal labeling I’ll add) is still not touching on...
  13. TwinSilo

    Airwave - Atlas Winds/Chiricahua (Original and Album Mix) (2012)

    He was onto something with this sound and the rest of his tracks from the same period. I loved all of them and no one sounded like him. He moved away from his conventional Trance sounds successfully whilst at the same time the rest of the scene was jumping ship to Trouse, EDM or steroid, and...
  14. TwinSilo

    Enigma State - Sacred Art / State of Mind [Self Release]

    State of Mind the stand out. Possibly this is the best one from you from the year, but Waiting for you also strong contender. Judging by your studio progress photos we can expect a lot of good music next year as well.
  15. TwinSilo

    Fantastic Man - Spiritual Guidance [Basic Spirit]

    Mindfuck version of Novato completely killing it. Prog with attitude. edit. Beach is rad as hell too.
  16. TwinSilo

    Rambal Cochet - Dolphin's Dance [Alzaya]

    Love what I hear. So smooth and Virtual Nightmare is really deep.
  17. TwinSilo

    ALT MODE - Before The Dawn (Original Mix) [LANDSCAPES MUSIC]

    As a relaxing and spacious prog journey. It’s nice. Something that would be found on PURE Progressive, but much like their releases it doesn’t have anything too interesting to it. After 2 and half minutes you know pretty much how the whole track will go down, which is a criticism I have for all...
  18. TwinSilo

    Adam Nickey - Escape [Pure Breaks]

    Wanted it to be longer as well, but good track anyway. Similar rating to Slam Duck Allure from this year.
  19. TwinSilo

    Rambal Cochet - Temporal Aura [Crystal Ceremony]

    All of these are nice in their own way. The biggest win is the sound design, in terms of overal enjoyment and sounds chosen. Music wise it’s not the most exciting, but still something I would play again. In the current landscape of progressive it’s near the top, all things considered