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  1. Manofearth

    Wavetraxx - Million Miles To Go [Pure Trance NEON]

    Always listened to your music back in the day. Very nice memories during my hard trance phase. Welcome.
  2. Manofearth

    Voiski - Hanging In The Stars Pt. 1 [Funnovojere Records]

    Romance Mentale is good. Nice techno vs trance dark hybrid.
  3. Manofearth

    Beltrac & Urban Guidance - Nature [Neptune Discs]

    Sounds like it's going to be a strong release. Glen S remix is good, reminds me of UK sounds with a twist. The breakdown on Vision Call is really great, solid track. I don't know about anyone else but I wish the release dates were a bit closer to when the tracks first preview. A month is a long...
  4. Manofearth

    Desire - Dancefloor is Queer (EP) [Maricas Records]

    Queer, Freshair has a very nice break and end section. Don't Touch also likeable on firts pass but would like a few more listens. Roza's remix is the one that stands out from the bunch I believe.
  5. Manofearth

    Ormus - Muladhara [Forescape Digital]

    That's complete nonsense it sounds like a bunch of random synths. I think the energy and hypnotic style here is actually quite decent. Musically it didn't really go in a direction that really peaked my interest too much, but I think in a club it could work well.
  6. Manofearth

    baby angel - carbon [39 Records]

    These all sound great. Fun, trippy and trancey.
  7. Manofearth

    Conservative or liberal (politics)

    The interview between Carlson and Putin was fascinating. Never before have we had an interview like this, where a powerful leader, and arguably dictator, who is actively engaged in global conflict decides to have amicable discussion with a figure from the opposition. Refreshing to leave the...
  8. Manofearth

    Enlusion & Introspecto - Stormchaser [Forescape Digital]

    Works well for my ears this afternoon. Nice Enlusion.
  9. Manofearth

    Coredata - Dissolution [JOOF]

    Promising from the preview, but really need to hear the full thing.
  10. Manofearth

    Brainbeats – Ubiquity [Virtual Forest Records]

    Both sound brilliant and may even prefer the breaky A3 at this moment in time.
  11. Manofearth

    Super-Frog Saves Tokyo - Shibui EP [Electronic Architecture]

    Fast becoming one of my favourite producers
  12. Manofearth

    The Best of 2023 - RESULTS!

    Glad the Rambal Cochet is right up there. Quality producer, especially for the goa inspires trance. Enigma State unsurprisingly at the top. Brilliant work all round, from the producers and the folks here who put it together. Impressive top 100 as well, I agree with the top 10 for the most part.
  13. Manofearth

    Altitude - Sunray (Airwave Remix) Five AM Records [2004]

    I’ve always liked both of these tracks, but always thought Tears In The Rain and Marrakech were Altitudes best tracks. I can see why you might say Airwave pulled pieces from different tracks, but it feels consistent enough to my ears.
  14. Manofearth

    Horizons - Haarlem (2 A.M. Mix) [LANDSCAPES MUSIC 065]

    Not bad at all. Could easily grow on me more too.