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    Lisaya - Siyenaye [Lisaya Music]

    New track by Dutch trance producer Lisaya using vocals in Kenyan (Kikuyu) language. Lisaya made the video with Stable Diffusion (Deforum, AnimateDiff on Automatic1111) Enjoy!!
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    OUT John Askew - Aces Hi [Armind]

    I liked it already in the Luminosity set last year, cool track!
  3. Trance-M

    Cold Blue - ID [TBC]

    Cold Blue has announced he will be releasing a track each month, but probably has a lot more on the shelf. He did a podcast with Ruben at A.S.O.T. last week. No ID's yet, but I have called the second one The Happy One after his Luminosity set. Funny is that some people now call it Happy One or...
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    Cold Blue - ID [TBC]

    Same track, now as set closer at 1h56min:
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    Lisaya - Aftermath [Lisaya Music]

    After several recent chill out releases under his Roan Portman alias together with the spoken word musician Shane Beck (poet), Dutch producer Lisaya now released a new uplifting trance track. As he's also 3D artist making videos with Unreal he now made a video using AI, more details in the...
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    OUT Armin van Buuren Feat. Vanessa Campagna - Vulnerable

    Sad to see Armin ruining good vocals by combining them with these aggressive EDM sounds which in my opinion just don't fit. Joining it with something like Freezer posted would have been so much nicer. Regarding mental problems I frequently read how people get through rough times by listening to...
  7. Trance-M

    Cold Blue - ID [TBC]

    Great new track he used as set intro last weekend. He has confirmed it's one of his new tracks: