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  1. starship_universe

    Dub Files - Vol 1 (Alphabet City Progressive) [2004]

    Wonderful EP
  2. starship_universe

    Mr Pit - Shana (Includ remixes Plastic Angel and Duderstadt remix) (2008)

    I forgot about the progressive dub. They did a few of these mixes, Made of Love comes to mind, They were all bangers.
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    Techno trancier than trance

    Back to the 90s
  4. starship_universe

    Starship Universe - Stellar Evolution (First Mix)

    I just updated the main link with a bit more eq work and basswork. I appreciate all the feedback. I am going to work on the second mix of this and take all this into consideration. Thank you <3
  5. starship_universe

    Above - New Day Dawning [2000]

    Euphoric vocal trance classic. Absolutely love the breakdown/buildups on the original version.
  6. starship_universe

    Starship Universe - Stellar Evolution (First Mix)

    Thank you for your response. I will give this another run through and mess around with the bass too. I always have trouble with the mixing in the midrange. I really need to improve that aspect of my productions.
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    Starship Universe - Stellar Evolution (First Mix)

    Would greatly appreciate feedback on this track. I am going for an older trance sound with this and trying to improve my mixing and synthesis around this. much love, justin UPDATE: I Uploaded a newer version of this track to the same link posted here
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    Tony Walker - Field of Joy (2000)

    the progression on this is so magical. super underrated classic
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    North Cape - Into the Blue (Original Mix)

    This is awesome. Just needs a longer mix ;)
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    Hip-Hop Thread

    i second this
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    Hip-Hop Thread

    japan meets the bay (hiero)
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    York Feat. Angelina ‎– Iceflowers (incl. Mac Lane Remix) [2005]

    This remix blew my mind back in the day listening to PVD at Jahre Maximal. Still holds up today as a dark banger.
  13. starship_universe

    LostLegend - Hardwired [90's style Trance] (21st Century Mix added 06/Dec/21!!)

    Both versions of this are excellent. I could have seen this being released on Tsunami.
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    Post your OLD music!

    Somehow when I was 19 I got this released on Bonzai Progressive. It makes me cringe relistening to it. My mixing and everything is awful