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    Dylhen - Apollo (Airwave Remix) / Juggernaut (CLAVIR Remix) [FSOE Pattern]

    Ariwave's transformation into one of the stock sounding FSOE UV artists (Dylhen, Fuenka etc) is impressive there are still signs of his talent during the breakdown with those gorgeous melodies and atmosphere, he needs to get rid of that to complete the metamorphosis. just keep it boring mate
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    Naden & Celen - Free With You [EDM Recordings]

    these sloppy drums ruin it, so goddamn lazy the rest is fairly lazy too considering the shitty mixing but at least the melodies and vocals are enjoyable sad story, the producer who once stood out as the guy who goes the extra mile about his production turns into a lazy one even by the current...
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    Armin van Buuren - Love will begin (working title)

    it's okay those who enjoy it should check the other hilo stuff in the recent couple of years, it's pretty much the same style and quality funny some people consider this one to be outstanding by Armin standards, says a lot about how low are the expectations
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    Enigma State - ID

    or any cheesy EDM track from a decade ago lol
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    Enigma State - ID

    nice that 'woah' vocal shout is disgusting though
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    Marsh - Warrior [Anjunadeep]

    It's just the style. not everything has to have this outstanding leading melody you could hum alone anytime, this is the record where you can 'get lost in the sound' instead
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    Stoneface & Terminal - In My Mind [Coldharbour]

    I like that rhythmic melody, has that cool raw techy vibe and the additional layering throughout the drop adds great tension yeah great tune, Coldharbour seems to be in a pretty good shape signing stuff like this instead of the vocal nonsense ps: just figured it sounds like S&T have re-think...
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    Marsh - Warrior [Anjunadeep]

    in a way yes, mostly regrading his copy-paste remixes as for the original production or collabs - something he puts more effort in - he's one of the very few producers now who create such 'full' yet fluid and dynamic melodic soundscapes with a lot of different melodies working in a synergy, so...
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    Probspot - Blueberry Electronic Elements Armada [2006]

    hahahahhahahah sorry I just imagine how this sounded from his point of view - 'this is exactly why I don't want to mess with trance anymore'
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    Probspot - Blueberry Electronic Elements Armada [2006]

    the thing is it often doesn't sound the best on a big sound system, creating more like a constant heavy low frequency buzz (or even a partial sound disappearance) with all kinds of phasing issues due to reflections within the room etc, which is why the 16th rolling 'plucky' bass is safer to use...
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    Probspot - Blueberry Electronic Elements Armada [2006]

    that's true, and it's something in particular that I'd be ok finding myself whining about. this playful plucky vibe is very rare these days, unfortunately it's not popular anymore to have the plucky bells as the leading synth, most of the time it's some canonical saw or something like that I...
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    Scott Richardson - Galaxus EP [Borderline]

    naming a track with the title that's heavily associated with another (classic) one is a bad taste the tracks themselves are nothing exciting either
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    Probspot - Blueberry Electronic Elements Armada [2006]

    imagine spending your time on a music forum for the genre that you consider dead for over 15 years such sad story lol I like Blueberry but never considered it an outstanding record, Probspot had a bunch of better ones
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    Ben Nicky, Hannah Laing, Paul Findlay X Signum - Coming on Strong [Armada]

    90% of Armada classics remixes are like that this one doesn't ruin it totally but also adds nothing to justify its existence so by Armada trash standards it's a great remix of a classic
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    John O'Callaghan, Paul Skelton & Ren Faye - ID [Subculture]

    that breakdown felt endless, not in a good way, like endlessly boring, every couple of seconds another hightly reverbed blablabla if the structure were more focused and there were less vocals it could've been decent another fairly chaotic production by JoC
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    What criteria would you use to properly evaluate trance tunes?

    I would measure the skulls of the trance producers for real I just don't care about the labels (means genres here) of the music I enjoy
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    Lange feat Sarah Howells - Out Of The Sky (Aly & Fila Remix) [2008]

    K&A remix of this track all the way :)
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    Enigma State - Illuminate

    vocal chops don't sound too exciting (more on the repetitive side of things), the arp is cool but hearing it 20x times the same also isn't too entertaining
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    Ralphie B & Frank Waanders Pres Collide1 - The Cult

    I like tracks that are based around something unusual but this 'something' should sound catchy at least these vocals here are rather annoying instead to me
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    Airwave - The Principles Of Forgiveness [Airwave Music]

    it's quite nice for what it is - simple modern melodic progressive set filler, reminds me of the early days Gai Barone productions in a way those who still expect iconic records from Airwave will be disappointed