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  1. Snowknight26

    Similar trance tracks & rip-offs

    You missed a couple:
  2. Snowknight26

    OUT Allende - Horizon Painter [Pure trance]

    I was going to say the same but maybe something like FFXIII.
  3. Snowknight26

    OUT Andy Blueman & Miikka Leinonen - Shadowcaster [Andy Blueman Music]

    It was released a few days after the collab version with Miikka, using his real name instead of his alias.
  4. Snowknight26

    OUT Hoyaa & Kiran M Sajeev - Tributary [Blue Soho]

    The melody in the sample is pretty awesome. Both Hoyaa and Kiran knocked it out of the park with this one. On that note though.. will we ever see the extended version of Daniel Kandi - Balance, @BlueSoho?
  5. Snowknight26

    Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Paradise (Extended Mix) [VANDIT RECORDS]

    Still doesn't sound like the normal sound his ghost producers come up with. Thanks for the mention of that Aurora song though, hadn't heard it before surprisingly. A&B remix is quite good.
  6. Snowknight26

    New major change on Beatport: The Trance Genre is divided in two

    Looks like they made some major performance improvements with the new redesign that just launched.
  7. Snowknight26

    Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Paradise (Extended Mix) [VANDIT RECORDS]

    Doesn't sound like his signature sound at all, but still quite a lovely melody. Wonder if Schimonik didn't help with this one.
  8. Snowknight26

    Ahmed Romel - Anoranza [Blue Soho Recordings]

    Probably the same person that forgot to release the extended version of Kandi's Balance.
  9. Snowknight26

    OUT Luke Terry - Amarinthine [Borderline]

    Reminds me of another tune I can't quite place..
  10. Snowknight26

    Cold Blue - ID [TBC]

    Sounds like a track he produced back in the Anjunabeats days, but not in a bad way- almost like a mashup of several of his melodies.
  11. Snowknight26

    Peetu S - Missing Tracks

    Oh wow, this could have been a banging track but instead of continuing the melody after the breakdown.. it had to shot itself in the foot. I don't get it.
  12. Snowknight26

    Trance tracks with sounds of nature

    Arnej - Strangers We've Become (Vocal Mix) - around the 2:50 mark.
  13. Snowknight26

    OUT Mhammed El Alami - Reflections [FSOE Fables]

    Quite a nice track. If I hadn't seen the name I would have thought this was a Kandi release.
  14. Snowknight26

    Activa - Origins [Expanded Edition]

    What's track 21 supposed to be? Looks like there are 2 different tracks depending on which store you look at.
  15. Snowknight26

    OUT Cold Blue - Redemption [Cold Blue Records]
  16. Snowknight26

    ID Requests - Post them here

    Have one that I can't figure out for the life of me what the track is. Sounds familiar but no music identification services recognize it. All I know is that it's released no later than late 2010. Edit: Nevermind, seems to be this, even though it was seemingly never released.
  17. Snowknight26

    OUT MRPHLNDR - SOL3.14 (ALEX M.O.R.P.H. CHILL MIX) [Morphland]

    Not trance but I really enjoy ambient music like this. Reminds me of the old EVE Online soundtrack.
  18. Snowknight26

    OUT Temple One - Frontier [Divine Rhythm]

    Pretty catchy melody and a lovely breakdown.
  19. Snowknight26

    Similar trance tracks & rip-offs

    Never seen anything so blatant this. Lost Witness - Lateott (the vocal version is called Lost Witness & Roberta Harrison - Close To Home) Last Soldier & Tricia McTeague - Outshine The Light