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  1. Awakenordie

    Solarstone - Solarcoaster (Marsh Remix) [Armada Music]

    Pretty nice, respectful remix of a great tune. Did not destroy the original and created something very listenable ..although basically relying upon the magic of the original rather than doing anything inspiring with it either.
  2. Awakenordie

    Temple One - Healing [Divine Rhythm]

    Nice track! Peaceful and does the job..
  3. Awakenordie

    Karen Overton - Your Loving Arms [2005]

    Delightful tracks. You mention the vocals as ‘nothing special’ which I agree, but imo that’s preferable as they compliment perfectly rather than overpowering the track which I find vocals often have a habit of doing..
  4. Awakenordie

    Lone - Lone x Kettama EP [R&S Records]

    I like it... makes me feel that the artist definitely played Streets Of Rage as a kid haha mostly due to the third track posted, Anniversary
  5. Awakenordie

    Will Atkinson - The Last Rave on Earth [VII]

    Pulls on the nostalgia heartstrings of being able to actually rave but set itself up for failure in my mind with “Hey DJ”, followed instantly by the fact that the into reminded me of Public Domain - Operation Blade 😂 😆 🤘 🤘 .....
  6. Awakenordie

    OUT Robert Nickson - Tilslørte Bondepiker [Pure Neon ]

    Great pairing of synth and baseline on the drop, pulls you in all directions and feels invigorating.
  7. Awakenordie

    OUT Temple One - L'Envoi [Digital Society Recordings]

    Wow! Had my attention from the start and wasn’t disappointed.. gave me that feeling of a one-way trip flying through space ...if you can excuse the description.. but that’s the imagery it created for me 🤣
  8. Awakenordie

    OUT John O'Callaghan - Complex Solution [Subculture]

    Nice track, always quite like John O’Callaghan tracks. Really enjoy the fact that this one has a great drop and intensity but remains extremely light and fun to listen to.
  9. Awakenordie

    Solarstone - When I Dream [Black Hole]

    Not bad, but nothing special IMO. Reminds me of Age of Love - Age of Love at around 6m20s...
  10. Awakenordie

    House/Deep House

    This track is so beautiful, just takes me on a journey through space, time, both earthly and ethereal at the same time ...and that's before I had watching the visuals! Amazing how a track can so subtly influence your imagination that different people envision such similar imagery? For some...
  11. Awakenordie

    Kamaya Painters - Endless Wave [1998]

    Great track, really love it - it came on at random on a playlist today and before I could remember who it was by, it reminded me of 5 Seconds Before Sunrise..... To me there seems to me there is some similarity in the sound/style that has tunnelled its way under the past two decades and Tiesto...
  12. Awakenordie

    The 'Currently Listening' Thread

    because it’s been on repeat very loud in my headphones all day haha
  13. Awakenordie

    ID Requests - Post them here

    . Wondering who the sample is - I think it’s ‘anonymous Bristol artist’ per an interview I saw but would be interesting to know. Really do love this track.
  14. Awakenordie

    What Song Is Your Guilty Pleasure?

    Explains so much! Haha - was on my mini disk + MP3 player for far too long...!
  15. Awakenordie

    Signum ft. Scott Mac - Coming On Strong (Incl. Bo Bellow vs. Euphoriah Remix) [1999]

    Great track! Just set me off down the nostalgic YouTube rabbit Hole until I got to Guyver, Tony Di Vit, Cortina - Music is Moving etc....
  16. Awakenordie

    OUT Solarstone - Island (Artist Album) [Black Hole]

    Excited to hear this, really love a lot of Solarstones stuff but also find some of it a bit ‘stuffy’ somehow.. the preview here is nice though - hoping the whole album is good. Speaking of Solarstone, ordered an EA3 T-shirt about 2 months ago bored mid quarantine and it arrived in the post...
  17. Awakenordie

    Magdelayna - This Is Not A Dream (2 Hour Essential Mix)

    I was sold at the Human Traffic sample... what a movie .....Great set fits together really nicely.
  18. Awakenordie

    Health, Exercise & Wellness

    Rhino horn soup. .....jokes aside, - keeping active with activities I enjoy and which keep me entertained, lots of running, cycling, hiking etc. + paddling/Kayaking when possible. The best excercise is when it is not becoming a chore - mixing it up and keeping it fresh works for me. Eating well...
  19. Awakenordie

    Top 10 Best Albums of All Time

    Not sure on favourite but having just listened to it earlier for the first time in years, LTJ Bukems Logical Progression has to be 100% up there somewhere for me. If you aren’t familiar I highly recommend for some amazing atmospheric vibes.
  20. Awakenordie

    What Song Is Your Guilty Pleasure?

    Equal parts guilty and just don’t care what anyone thinks haha