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    Trancesynthesis Radio Show

    Continuing on with the swinging 60s shows, here's Episode Sixty-Four for your weekly fix. Tracklist # Artist name Track name 1 Masaru Hinaiji The Stars of Tanabata 2 Ancient Umbra Touch of Life (Extended Mix) 3 Crisy Hexe (Extended Mix) 4 Kaimo K & Sarah Russell Be My Guide...
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    Trancesynthesis Radio Show

    Storm Kathleen just hammered us here in Ireland so to chase away the clouds and wind, here's Episode Sixty-Three. Tracklist # Artist name Track name 1 Ocoro Honjaya (Intro Mix) 2 Dmitry Chelnokov Dominant (Extended Mix) 3 40Thavha The Gregorian (Santos) (Extended Mix) 4 Ruslan...
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    Trancesynthesis Radio Show

    Still getting 'radio silence' about the station been offline, no idea what's happening but the show must go on. If you have any left over Easter eggs from yesterday, time to get your fix of dopamine while enjoying the latest show, Episode Sixty Two. Tracklist # Artist name Track name 1...
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    Trancesynthesis Radio Show

    Unfortunately, some bad news, the livestream has been offline for well over a week now, all attempts to contact the owner by e-mail and texts go unanswered so no idea what's going on or what will happen with the show. I'll just continue making these weekly mixes, I just wouldn't add any jingles...
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    Trancesynthesis Radio Show

    Today's special is a double treat, not alone was it St. Patrick's Day here in Ireland yesterday, this was also the Diamond show, 60 episodes so far. :cool: Tracklist # Artist name Track name 1 Kvaii A Flash In The Pan (Intro Mix) 2 Astral Zephyrus Hearts Between The Stars (Original...
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    Trancesynthesis Radio Show

    If you forgot yesterday was Mother's Day and you never got your mum flowers and chocolate, here's your chance to earn some brownie points and send her this link to Trancesynthesis Episode Fifty-Nine, aired last night. # Artist name Track name 1 LR Uplift Yesterday's Rain (Intro Mix) 2...
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    Trancesynthesis Radio Show

    Julius Caesar was once warned to "Beware the Ides of March", a pity he didn't have the uplifting sounds of Trancesynthesis back then to cheer him up, here's Episode Fifty-Eight. Tracklist # Artist name Track name 1 Maxim Kovalskiy Sunrise (Intro Mix) 2 Madwave & Marc Ward Missing...
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    Trancesynthesis Radio Show

    It's Monday, which means one thing, time for a new Episode of Trancesynthesis aired last night. For your listening pleasure here's Episode Fifty-Seven. Tracklist # Artist name Track name 1 Alphacube Magnetic Fields (Elgfrothi Intro Remix) 2 NyTiGen & Trance Reserve Ecstasy (Extended...
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    Trancesynthesis Radio Show

    This week's aural assault on your ears is brought courtesy of Episode Fifty-six, enjoy. Tracklist # Artist name Track name 1 Grande Piano Vs Iberian Vs Calvin O'Commor The Silent Cannons (DreamSkies Intro Mashup) 2 Bryn Whiting We Are Home (Extended Mix) 3 Chris M & Jason Gray...
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    Trancesynthesis Radio Show

    Time to tickle your earbuds as Episode Fifty-Five aired last night, live stream is back on after a server upgrade but again, don't expect too much Trance. Tracklist # Artist name Track name 1 Sam Fletcher Seeds Of Love (GeorD Intro Remix) 2 Ralphie B Homestead (Metta & Glyde Extended...
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    Trancesynthesis Radio Show

    Episode Fifty-Four is now out for your listening pleasure: Full Tracklisting, enjoy: # Artist name Track name 1 Dj Macx Vs D.J.G & M.I.K! Forever Summer (Intro Mix) 2 Acues Unity (LR Uplift Remix) 3 Andreas Puertas Like You Do (Vocal Mix) 4 Tony Irrmani & Irina M Dream Catchers...
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    Why you should listen to pre-1995 trance (+ some pointers)

    Excellent thread, i was smack in the middle of all this during my 'gigging' period from 1987 to 1995, of course back then Techno was God, followed by House, then we had the Italo piano house but the lines between Techno and the early sounds of what we call Trance was slowly fusing and merging...
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    Trancesynthesis Radio Show

    Hey gang, thought i'd post up a few links for a two hour Trance show i do for a Radio station in Limerick, Ireland called Vibe105. Here's a link to listen online but it's mostly Rn'B, Cheese, House and a few 'old skool' trance tracks thrown in, not always active either online, my 2 hour show on...
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    Greetings from the Emerald Isle

    Nowhere near as famous as SL2 member Dj Slipmatt, maybe he added the extra T to avoid confusion with me :ROFLMAO: Not me unfortunately, when i used to gig up in Dublin, Ireland, back in the early 90s i had a pair of, at that time, expensive Ortofon slipmats and all the Dubs would joke 'here's...
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    Hello there

    Welcome, a few more new members and i can start to feel like a 'veteran' around here.
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    I introduce myself

    Hey there, welcome, now i'm no longer the 'newbie' around here ;)
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    Prototype - Soundpiercing (SUPERSTRINGS Remix) [A State of Trance]

    I seem to remember Omni doing a remix of Prototype- Soundpiercing from maybe 2013? sorry, memory isn't as good as it once was. :unsure:
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    Rare tracks not found in download stores

    As far as i know, it only got aired once on possibly an ASOT show? but for anyone else wondering what we're on about, there's a few videos on YouTube for it, just listen to the buildup towards the breakdown at 3:35... :cool:
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    What do you think about Japanese trance?

    Growing up my taste in music was more of the Electronic side, first album i bought in the early 70s was Autobahn by Kraftwerk, listened to all the big names around then, Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre, which led me onto discovering such Japanese producers like Kitaro and YMO (Yellow Magic...
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    Dee Dee - Forever [2001]

    Ah yes, the halcyon year of 2002 when the lines between Trance, Cheese, Europop tended to blur and merge for a while, gave us such gems as Dj Sammy, Neo Cortex, Love Inc, Novaspace, Lasgo and a lot more, a few guilty pleasures in amongst that lot but who can forget that 2002 also gave us some...