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  1. Aquarium

    Clint - Exosphere [Slowciety]

    Main mix is fantastic
  2. Aquarium

    Daryl Wilson - Upstream [EDM Recordings]

    Love that melody @DarylW !!!!
  3. Aquarium

    Mac & Monday - People Can Fly / To Infinity [Borderline]

    Both strong in their own way. People Can Fly has that old party feeling, and the melody of Infinity is great too. Every year I have a number of Mac & Monday tunes purchased without fail. Would love to see him on some other labels.
  4. Aquarium

    Allende - Fading Light [Pure Trance]

    This one hit all the right spots for me @allende (y)
  5. Aquarium

    baby angel - carbon [39 Records]

    I like what I hear. Keep them coming.
  6. Aquarium

    Various Artists - Movement EP [Borderline]

    picking this up fo sure
  7. Aquarium

    Ferry Corsten & Marsh - Fulfillment [Flashover]

    Not bad at all, each one has something good about it.
  8. Aquarium

    TranceFix Radio #016 - TF Best of 2023 Mix II - Mixed by A992

    Oh shit this looks unreal. I still need to listen to Blondes Part 1 mix, but excited to try this one.
  9. Aquarium

    Slipstream & Sonic Element - Forgiven [Pure Trance]

    Slipstream has been on a decent roll since coming back, I almost always like what he makes.
  10. Aquarium

    Julian Del Agranda - El Sueno / Mirage (remix) [Borderline]

    Nice job Magnevi, they both are brilliant tracks.
  11. Aquarium

    The Best of 2023 - RESULTS!

    Love it. Already 50% through the top 100 and discovered so much. Borderline is a top label I hope they keep going and getting the support they deserve
  12. Aquarium

    Super-Frog Saves Tokyo - Shibui EP [Electronic Architecture]

    Hell yes, been wanting more frog for some time now. Kyoto still a killer of a track
  13. Aquarium

    Empyreal sun - Twisted Reality [2003]

    Epic track. The remix is firing on all cylinders too
  14. Aquarium

    TranceFix Best of 2023 - VOTE OPEN! - Thoughts on this year?

    Love that you do this each year dudes, look forward to it and seeing what people vote for. I used to be obsessed with the DJ mag results growing up, ordering the magazine from Europe, sometimes on EBay as couldn’t find distributors here in Canada. There was notbing better than seeing the...
  15. Aquarium

    Solarstone - Pure Trance Volume 10 (Compilation) [Black Hole Recordings]

    First listen to CD 1 and CD 2 and think I prefer CD 2 more. That last track on CD1 is awesome, sounds like Xpander synth. I think it was CD1 last track anyway... I am listening on bandcamp and didnt pay attention to the number. So far so good.