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  1. ChurRuy

    Driftmoon - Tribe Of The Sun [Pure Trance]

    Love what you’ve done here. Big fan of Driftmoon stylr. Super melodic music.
  2. ChurRuy

    Sebastian Brandt & Daniel Kandi - ID [TBA]

    Massive. How have I not heard this. We have to see a release soon.
  3. ChurRuy

    Daryl Wilson - Upstream [EDM Recordings]

    Can't stop listening.
  4. ChurRuy

    Wavetraxx - Million Miles To Go [Pure Trance NEON]

    One of the best from vol 10
  5. ChurRuy

    Quantum Mechanics ‎- Entrophy/Disorder [2003]

    Entrophy is light and relaxing. A great trance tune.
  6. ChurRuy

    Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston - Crazy Love [Anujunabeats]

    Finally. It's not in the all time greatest A&B vocal tracks, but I really love Zoe's voice.
  7. ChurRuy

    Julian Del Agranda - El Sueno / Mirage (remix) [Borderline]

    Nice sounding and energetic, just how I like it
  8. ChurRuy

    Definitions & Char - All We Have [Borderline]

    I very much enjoyed this.
  9. ChurRuy

    The Best of 2023 - RESULTS!

    Congratulations to Enigma State. Your music is a special gift in this scene today. Really looking forward to your first album, which I hope comes out this year. I voted for Pure Trance as the best compilation, but Movement is worthy of first position. And thank you for the final results, I will...
  10. ChurRuy

    Mellow Sonic - Flashback [Freebie]

    Woah what a vibe.
  11. ChurRuy

    Tiesto feat. BT - Love Comes Again (Original Mix) [2004]

    Not in my top vocal Tiesto tracks but a nice one that has that signature Tiesto sound from this era that is so nostalgic. I prefer In My Memory, Just Be, Dance4life and Do You Feel Me
  12. ChurRuy

    TranceFix Best of 2023 - VOTE OPEN! - Thoughts on this year?

    I rate this year as 6.5/10 for the taste and scenes I resonate with, which is more mainstream than a lot of you here. It would a much lower score if hasn’t have got the really strong compilations from Activa and Solarstone, which I have a hard time choosing between. Borderline releases grow on...
  13. ChurRuy

    OUT Peter Steele - Forever [Pure Trance]

    I have been getting more and more listens of this in, finding it very emotive and I love the melody.
  14. ChurRuy

    Enigma State - Transolar [ESM - Self Release]

    Really an uplfting summery track that has all the feelings of classic trance.
  15. ChurRuy

    RIGSON - Ayys [Self release]

    Inspired by the care-free side of old trance? it's nice.
  16. ChurRuy

    Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston - Crazy Love [Anujunabeats]

    Does anyone know when this will be released?