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    Sonicvibe & Mike Shiver - Lunation Incl Masters And Nickson Remix [2004]

    Got to go with the Original mix top tune Also including Masters And Nickson Remix
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    Miss Ann - Intercepted [ 2005]

    Another worldy of a progressive Track
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    Sonorous - Glass Garden [2000]

    Fantastic Progressive Track By Sonorous Also remixes by Ronski speed, Kyau and Albert Kayestone, Filterheadz,
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    Sophie Sugar - Call of Tomorrow [2005]

    What a fantastic Track By Sophie, but the Remix does it for me by JOC remember hearing this back on ASOT 2005 cd Top Top Track
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    Mike Koglin & Gez Dewar- Pushed On [2004]

    Great Track by Mike Koglin
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    Terry Bones Vs Fred Baker Pres Water Planet - Introspection [2004]

    Fantastic Track By Terry And Fred B That breakdown worldy
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    Probspot - Blueberry Electronic Elements Armada [2006]

    Couldnt Agree more Trancedanne, Trance these days is just people with no ideas, but copying each other with no distinctive sound, dont get me wrong theres probably 2-3 tracks or artists across the year were you think ye thats abit decent that has an old skool feel to it, but really you just...
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    Probspot - Blueberry Electronic Elements Armada [2006]

    Fantastic Progressive Track By Probspot
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    MK-S - The Last Planet Alter Ego [2006]

    Ye top tune Uplifted, Also Illuminate and fallback with Robert nickson great tracks
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    MK-S - The Last Planet Alter Ego [2006]

    Another beauty By MK-S Again never released on Vinyl
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    Kuffdam & Plant - Meltdown Six:Thirty Records [2006]

    Fantastic Track by Kuffdam & Plant that breakdown and melody On Another Level Shame it was never released on Vinyl
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    Robert Lidstroem - My Spirit Exciter Recordings Incl Transa vs Inzite Remix [2003]

    Got this on vinyl last week, Fantastic Remix by Transa and Inzite, Also Misja Helsloot remix and Blue Amazon
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    Steve Morley - Sacred City

    That melody amazing, so simple, but no one in todays Trance can even get anywhere near it !
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    Mona Lisa Overdrive - Born To Synthesize [2002]

    Absolute classic remix By Neo & Farina Also Solastone remix
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    Floyd - Any Given Day [2004]

    Boss Track this great melody !!
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    Andy Moor - Halcyon [2005]

    Alex morph Remix makes the Track for me
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    Neo & Farina - Someone (Original Mix) Platipus Euro [2003]

    Nice driving Melody, Great track By Neo And Farina
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    Lightforce - Join me Original mix Slinky Records [2000]

    Fantastic Piano breakdown here and build up Another classic