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    TranceFix Radio #017 - Through the Void - Mixed by A992

    Fuck yes, let's fire up this megladon
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    Airwave - AlexanderPlatz [Airwave Music]

    Have to say this is aint bad at all. I didn't like the other ones posted here, but this has some movement.
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    Quaid - Eighth A Day [Album] [KMA60 Rezpektiva]

    Real sounds. Irreplaceable and inimitable.
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    Shjva - WAR1209 (Album) [Warning]

    This gal knows how to make trippy and dark trance. Isn't this the true definition of deep trance my guys? Who they calling oddballs?!
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    B from E - Amnesia [Haŵs]

    Prophecy is dope as hell
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    Quadran - No Air (2004)

    This shit is like a vessel for god. Artists tuning into higher powers when delivering trance like this. Outstanding 👏
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    Remotif - Close Your Eyes and Count to One (EP) [Goddezz)

    Are USBing is trippy as hell. It hits right. Title track is what we came for though.
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    Fader Cap - Blue Pool (EP) [Butter Sessions]

    Blue Pool still the special one in this release, that second half is magic. 1080 Beach is nice house too. Every track in the EP sonically is very nice.
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    Best House/Prog/Tech/Deep of 2024

    Should be a nice album Loz Goddard - Upside Down Melted Chair
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    Airwave vs. Rising Star ‎– Sunspot (incl. DCML Remix) [2002]

    Always one of my favorite uplifters. Just moved on from this genre now, but still a nice reminder of what I consider a true classic from these masters
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    Sven Väth ‎– L'Esperanza [1993]

    No way, seriously? Age of London didn’t get into charts? And Cafe Del Mar too!!!! Fuck me, is this a German thing or something, I thought trance was big in your country at this time. Least L’Esperanza got some air time, it’s a super nice track, but surprises me as it’s not that commercial...
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    Luminary - Amsterdam [2006]

    The vocals are iconic, deep and gorgeous. Original all the way. S&P is great also.
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    Best House/Prog/Tech/Deep of 2024

    Astro had a drenched and spacey style to his cuts
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    Fader Cap - Blue Pool (EP) [Butter Sessions]

    Gotta love these sounds. Should pay more attention to this label
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    What criteria would you use to properly evaluate trance tunes?

    Pick like 3 or 4 criteria to help simplify. Impact and Recognition makes sense and is easiest to measure and agree upon. Originality is good too but I prefer your word “innovation” that you used to describe it. Implies more influence on the scene. Many weird and original tracks but doesn’t mean...
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    Cybernet - Key To Equilibrium [Gestalt Records]

    Some nice music here. Picking this one up.
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    The Best of 2023 - RESULTS!

    Killed it my dudes. Seeing a results like this gives me hope for the trance community still.
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    The Gaming Thread

    Fuck I went from like gameboy to snes to ps1 to GameCube to Xbox 360 in like 10 years. Of course gaming was more innovative back then. Now it takes at least a year just for a console already released to come into stock, and it’s only marginally different from the one 10 years before it and I...