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  1. Progrez

    Jonas Steur - Night Tremors [Black Hole]

    Of course, I am disappointed he is my childhood hero. An artist whose music I grew up with and it's the same thing with a lot of artists who used to produce trance.
  2. Progrez

    New 'Borderline Radio' show announced

    @Magdelayna I think he is referring to you :rolleyes:
  3. Progrez

    Jonas Steur - Night Tremors [Black Hole]

    I said derivatives and I didn't say were actually tech house releases.
  4. Progrez

    Jonas Steur - Night Tremors [Black Hole]

    Both Airwave (46 ATM) and Push (51) have been producing music since they were 7 years old and they have more than almost 40 years of experience actually.Well, to be fair with Airwave most of what he had has been sold off. Sadly, there is no love for music anymore because everyone who is...
  5. Progrez

    Son Kite ‎– On Air (Includ Lemon 8 Remix) [2004]

    Prog trance at it's finest full of journey. I prefer the Harry Lemon remix the original has an annoying breakdown.
  6. Progrez

    Sean Tyas & Giuseppe Ottaviani - Arcobaleno [2012]

    Prefer Sean's and GO older tracks.
  7. Progrez

    Left 2 Dust - Come Around [A State of Trance]

    Wow, what a borefest. I like boring stuff but this one takes the cake. I don't think I will come back to listen to once again. I miss both of their old styles. It should been kept in the dust as this project seems to be nothing more exaggerated hype.
  8. Progrez

    Legend B - Lost In Love [1994]

    I prefer the sean Tyas remix of this track.
  9. Progrez

    Thomas Datt - Evaporate (Includ Stoneface & Terminal Remix) [2006]

    Original Mix Stoneface & Terminal Remix That breakdown is really nice! in both versions Part 2 an updated version.
  10. Progrez

    Hemstock & Mercurial Virus Vs D10 - Cronos [Hard Trance Europe]

    I never expected you to say that to be honest.
  11. Progrez

    Atragun-Statues In Motion(Incl LÜRUM Remix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]

    Not bad I personally love to hear more of a variety of hard trance, euphoric trance, melodic trance.
  12. Progrez

    Most missed producer in the trance scene.

    I would rather someone make good music rather than something that's shit. I don't like it at all the track sounds like the current pop stuff.
  13. Progrez

    Airbase - Pres - Ozone - Rock (2003)

    Amazing melody I think the melody comes from the Movie Rock. This is written by one of the comments by Roland Kramer who used to work for Misja Helsoot of Gesture Music. Gesture Music was a company from me, Misja Helsoot and Maarten van Oosten. I miss that time we had. And this was our...
  14. Progrez

    What's on your mind today?

    This is also reason why my posts and threads posts have reduced. I wish I could spend the time finding new exciting music once again. But saying that after I finish off my course I will be making a website dedicating towards finding underground/unknown music no social media at all.
  15. Progrez

    Most missed producer in the trance scene.

    He makes stuff like this and this is a production by him. You can see it in the credits under the alias Bearclvw.
  16. Progrez

    LostLegend - Sagittarius A [Landscapes Music]

    Not bad - I can hear your own signature when i hear this track. It doesn't sound formulaic at all. Congrats
  17. Progrez

    Tech, devices & gizmos

    Fucking hell such realism
  18. Progrez

    Menno De Jong - Pres - Sayla - Majestic (Inclu Arizona vs. Passiva Remix) [2005]

    @EnigmaState Would love to hear percussions like this during the buildup in your track. That passiva remix is awesome euphoric trance at it's best.
  19. Progrez

    Gabriel & Dresden - Kinetic Cinema [Anjunabeats]

    Better than their remix of No one on Earth