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  1. Sleepy Robot

    Donna Marie (NZ) - I Know + Hypnotise [Perfecto Black]

    Great release with Hypnotize being my pick too.
  2. Sleepy Robot

    OUT Macker - Lost In Space [Pure Progressive]

    Discovered trough the TF top 2020 list. Great track!
  3. Sleepy Robot

    The TranceFix 'Best of 2020' Awards

    Great list and winners. Ps. I think you meant Morning Rain by Breakfast instead of Morning Light.
  4. Sleepy Robot

    Exoplanet ‎– Cosmic Soul [2009]

    Very underrated producer.
  5. Sleepy Robot

    The Progressive Breaks Thread

    I love breaks in many forms. Here 2 of many favorites:
  6. Sleepy Robot

    Soundbreeze — Invisibility (incl. Serge Landar Remix) [Forescape Digital]

    Great release again. I'm a fan of the Landar remix in this one.
  7. Sleepy Robot

    OUT Pole Folder - Serengeti [Proton Music]

    Very nice release. Original and Trilucid &Phil Martyn remix for me at first glance.
  8. Sleepy Robot

    The 'Currently Listening' Thread

    @Electronlyman yes it's great too. I bought about 13 of his releases on Bandcamp. He makes great electronic music.
  9. Sleepy Robot

    The 'Currently Listening' Thread

    The whole Synthetic Breathe EP is great.
  10. Sleepy Robot

    Upcoming movies / Latest movies you've watched

    I recently saw Tenet before the latest lockdown. It's one of those films that when your watching it it's pretty exiting but afterwards you don't remember a lot of it. It was not a bad movie but overall but also not the predicted hit. The more you think about the inverse thing the more stupid it...
  11. Sleepy Robot

    Basil O'Glue - The Earthperiment [JOOF]

    The whole album is worth listening.
  12. Sleepy Robot

    OUT Solarstone & Alucard - Late Summer Fields (Dark Matter Remix) [Pure Progressive]

    Really? If you listen closely it's clearly Rich's voice. Not much different from his speaking voice. He also sings on Shards. About the remix, it's a good one! But nothing beats the Ferry mix, Forerunners Dub is 2nd. ;)
  13. Sleepy Robot

    OUT Slam Duck - Exile [Soho Opus]

    Very nice track.
  14. Sleepy Robot

    The 'Currently Listening' Thread

    New release from Matt. Very nice.
  15. Sleepy Robot

    Enlusion — Night Stalker [Forescape Digital]

    Agree with Gagi, no need to be afraid to post this. It sounds great and i like that you used a dub step-ish part too change things up.