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  1. Bluemoon

    The Auranaut - People Want To Be Needed [1999]

    Its unbelivable that you can put so weird vocals into a song and still make it work, he did that in a lot of his songs making them a bit mystic. Its close between this one and Yo Yo but i think Yo Yo is my favourite. So underated producer.
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    The 'Currently Listening' Thread

  3. Bluemoon

    Marcus Decay - The Trip [2003]

    Kuling fit? Is that some swedish slang or something hehe ?
  4. Bluemoon

    Marcus Decay - The Trip [2003]

    Always found this one to be very original. Still remember first time i heard it, was very suprised when the light sounding synths enters the melody. It was never released or got any real attention so maybe its just me who like it.
  5. Bluemoon

    ASOT Top 1000 Trance Tracks Of All Time.

    I think Ramsterdam will be very high up if not nr 1. And yes i know someone said this list is voted for, i dont belive that. Some of it is problably from votes, but without any doubt i think the list is rigged somehow. Armin crying from playing Ramsterdam:
  6. Bluemoon

    ASOT Top 1000 Trance Tracks Of All Time.

    @Daysleeper will be angry about this, there is no Sunny Lax in this list :P
  7. Bluemoon

    ASOT Top 1000 Trance Tracks Of All Time.

    Lol did he put every song he ever made in the top 1000 list of all time? 144 and still counting. My name is Armin, im the god of trance, im so good that i made 20% of all the best trance songs ever made. What a jerk lol.
  8. Bluemoon

    OUT Factor B - The Unforgiven [Pure Trance]

    About the song: I expected worse from reading here. Not saying i love it, i would rate it 5 of 10.
  9. Bluemoon

    Gouryella - Gouryella (Matt Fax Remix) [FLASHOVER RECORDINGS]

    I have quite a few Matt Fax songs in my collection, never thought he would remix something like this. If he used the synth around 3:00 a bit more then i would problably like it. The rest is pretty average. Would love to like it but i dont.
  10. Bluemoon

    Dream Traveler - Time [1998]

    I used to have this song in my old car on a cd, but since my car nowadays dont have a cd player its been a long time since i listened to it. For me this song is so driving hence why i had it in my car. The seperation of sounds, the small melodies, the mystique, the killer bassline, i love...
  11. Bluemoon

    Ashley Wallbridge - World For You (feat. Sarah de Warren) [TBA]

    Cheesetrance alert. I would guess it will be released on Garuda. And im hoping the longer version isnt filled with Gareth Emery melody all over the place. Releasedate 15 January.
  12. Bluemoon

    Was old trance good because it were simple ?

    This is so true, and its so weird that its even a thing. So many labels , if not all they kill originality and mold every little track to sound exactly the same as the other stuff they are releasing. Its so monotone and boring. What happend to variety.
  13. Bluemoon

    Bring 100 songs to a deserted island

    Never heard this one, really like it, great share.
  14. Bluemoon

    Bring 100 songs to a deserted island

    @Daysleeper If a song is too boring to post then maybe you can question if you should even bring it to the deserted island. Maybe the topic of my thread was a bit poorly written. I would assume that for most people their top 100 (its a silly term) is everchanging. Atleast for me personally...
  15. Bluemoon

    Bring 100 songs to a deserted island

    You are told that you have to live the rest of your life on a deserted island. They tell you that you can bring 100 songs and 100 songs only. This will be all the music you will have for the rest of your life. Post a song that would be on that list. It doesnt have to be the best one, it just...
  16. Bluemoon

    Breakfast - Morning Rain [EDM Recordings]

    Extremly muddy production. Problably what was intended but for me i cant like it when its like that.