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  1. NJRoddy

    LostLegend - Sagittarius A [Landscapes Music]

    My word , I nearly cried listening to this. Talk about epic journey. Its like a film score. 10/10. Top Class. Thanks you for still making tunes like this and thank you for releasing!
  2. NJRoddy

    Robert Nickson - In The Moment [Subculture]

    Top lad is Robert. Knows how to make proper Trance. His RNX stuff are also fantatic.
  3. NJRoddy

    Svenson & Gielen feat. Simi Nah - Unknown Pleasure [2002]

    Not released on vinyl though :(
  4. NJRoddy

    Airbase - Pres - Ozone - Rock (2003)

    I remember this being out on MP3 for quite a while before being released. I think the original version Airbase made was better as well. Anyone confirm? Regardless such a great tune. Proper classic from that era.
  5. NJRoddy

    Luvstruck - Sinister EP [bebé recordings]

    In fact just listened to the all the tracks on the lable top 10. Its like going back to 98 Judge Jules / Tall Paul. Fair play
  6. NJRoddy

    Luvstruck - Sinister EP [bebé recordings]

    Wow actually proper club music that is accessible to all. Didnt think music was made like this is 2024. Not sure you could pull a set together though or is there a lot of this out there?
  7. NJRoddy

    Duncan Newell - Fixation [Alter Ego]

    Not for me, just sounds cheap and poorly produced. Heard much better from him...
  8. NJRoddy

    Signum - Hommage / Love Forever [Xposed]

    Great set of tunes by the way. Will be buying this vinyl as I did the previous 2.
  9. NJRoddy

    Signum - Hommage / Love Forever [Xposed]

    A simple Google search would explain that Hommage is the correct spelling in Dutch :sneaky:
  10. NJRoddy

    Jon Mangan - Heartache [Extrema Global]

    I liked this. Bought it this week.
  11. NJRoddy

    Indecent Noise - In Trance EP1 [CALAMITY]

    Yikes should of read your comments first, sounds too close to Happy Hardcore for me.
  12. NJRoddy

    Paul Oakenfold X Carl Cox - Concentrate [Armada]

    My Oakenfold take... Like Tiesto after him, is a DJ first and formost but has always had a successful production team behind him to help create many of the hits. Oakenfold in the 90's could not be really be touched in terms of Trance set programming. GOA mixes. Nuf said. Also produced (in...
  13. NJRoddy

    Joker Jam - Innocence (Original/Planisphere and Paul van Dyk Remixes) (2001)

    OG for me. A stunner and special indeed!!!
  14. NJRoddy

    Atragun-Statues In Motion(Incl LÜRUM Remix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]

    Good package. Bought on preorder from BP. Not sure which mix I prefer yet.
  15. NJRoddy

    Marc Dawn – Expander [2002]

  16. NJRoddy

    Green Court feat. Lina Rafn - Silent Heart (Flutlicht Remix) [2002]

    This is indeed a great track. Thats for introducing it to me! :D
  17. NJRoddy

    Pulser - Wake The Angels EP [Toneplay Records]

    Yes, I D/L them after I purchased the vinyl.
  18. NJRoddy

    Paul Van Dyk & Sue McLaren - Love Is Enough [Vandit]

    Just no emotion. Trance my design manual. Oh how the great fallen.
  19. NJRoddy

    David Broaders - Lightwave [Magic Island]

    Moody as hell. Drug music. Love it!