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  1. Hoplite

    Sevda- Foxy (EP) [Self Released]

    Reminds me of Son Kite productions in a way for some reason, but loving the release!
  2. Hoplite

    Gabriola - Believer (EP) [Magicwire]

    This reminds me of the good old Prog, both in length and the buildup. Very solid
  3. Hoplite

    Tul Waitoonkiat - Nueng Kamtham [Siamese Twins Records]

    Sleep D Remix is fantastic. Black Merlin Traverse Dub Mix is also nice and hypnotic.
  4. Hoplite

    Introversion - Sea of Life [Makatao]

    Proper Techno, not the half-baked arena shite that guys like M.I.K.E. put out these days. Groove, speed and soul
  5. Hoplite

    Son Kite ‎– On Air (Incl. Lemon 8 Remix) [2004]

    Nice share! Prefer the Original myself, but Harry Lemons mix is solid as well.
  6. Hoplite

    VA - Ten [Powerpuff Trax]

    Solid! Especially the Olsvanger track. Great bassline. Floating Gutters seems more like a tool but a good one.
  7. Hoplite

    Ayuji - New Borders [La Forge]

    Loving The Way Of The Shaman the most, but the rest sound very nice too.
  8. Hoplite

    Christopher Ledger - ATIPIC 018 [Atipic]

    A1 and B1 are right up my alley. Hope for longer samples soon
  9. Hoplite

    Clint - Exosphere [Slowciety]

    Loving the Asian theme throughout the track. Clean production too! Great share
  10. Hoplite

    Alkemy - Cloud Detox (Reworked by GNMR) [Cinedelic]

    Phenomenal track, can't believe I waited this long to give it a listen. Original is nice as well.
  11. Hoplite

    Old School/Classic Trance Producers in 2020 (and beyond)?

    Hardware live set from Copenhagen Techno/Trance/Experimental artist HLLW, full of unreleased material. Think some folks here might enjoy it :)
  12. Hoplite

    Lund&Rønde - Bare Lige Hvis Det Var [BunkerBauer]

    Updated with the Bandcamp link 👍
  13. Hoplite

    Laura van Dam - ID

    The crowd in that clip is as lame as the actual track. Laziest melody, sounds, structure, same tired Afterlife hihats/snare rolls.
  14. Hoplite

    Voiski - Hanging In The Stars Pt. 1 [Funnovojere Records]

    Love Romance Mentale, spacey, and in some ways like Voiskis work as Polar Inertia. Hanging In The Stars is also quite nice (though not as spacey):
  15. Hoplite

    baby angel - carbon [39 Records]

    yoOx and D.Y.T. sounding real good!
  16. Hoplite

    Younger Than Me - The Golden Age of Love [90's Wax]

    Love the Pablo Bozzi collab! Trance with Bozzi's 80s synth influences is a great mix. Enjoying this one as well:
  17. Hoplite

    Beltrac & Urban Guidance - Nature [Neptune Discs]

    Lovely E.P. overall but "Vision Recall" is definitely the highlight here!
  18. Hoplite

    Desire - Dancefloor is Queer (EP) [Maricas Records]

    "Don't Touch Me" and Roza's Remix of "Danse Libre" are tight. Nice EP!
  19. Hoplite

    Lost Legend - Into The Sky (Remixes) [Lost Language]

    Love the sound of the Astral Bandit remix! Dave Moth's a good one too.
  20. Hoplite

    Lund&Rønde - Bare Lige Hvis Det Var [BunkerBauer]

    Nice first full E.P. from the Danish brother duo Lund&Rønde, who till this point released mostly single tracks under various aliases. Very psyhedelic and hypnotic, with some immaculate drum/hihat/perc work and sound design. Psychedelic heads might get a crack out of this, curious what others...