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  1. Recharge

    AI, procedural generation and other new music technologies - What does the future of music hold?

    Let me interject with this one which is old but gold. For some reason I can't find the original video. Edit: found it
  2. Recharge

    What's on your mind today?

    No worries, it goes both ways. In many ways this forum is the main reason for me being at a point where I feel a bit more comfortable about my music. At the end of this year I will start my 5th year of producing and in 4 years I will manage to produce 160+ songs. I am already at 140+ and I have...
  3. Recharge

    Yaroslav Kulikov - The Heart of Siberia (Original Mix) [ Digital Melody Records ]

    Just joined a group about breaks and this was one of the first things I discovered. I am also checking some of his other stuff, there is some great breaks there.
  4. Recharge

    The Progressive Breaks Thread

    Just joined another group about breaks and this is one of the first thing I saw. WOW
  5. Recharge

    New Album

    The thing is I realised some time ago I have a strange taste. What I thought of excellent songs most people will say meh and what I think about some songs being just ok people will say one of your best. It's absolutely a matter of opinion, I value the songs where I had the most input and...
  6. Recharge

    New Album

    I was working on this album for 6 moths, initially I was gonna push it out 2 months ago, but decided to continue and listen and work on the songs while making new. (there is only one song that I am not happy with it, but I already had some feedback from a dj that plays my songs in events that is...
  7. Recharge

    Bobby Summa - Change

    I like it but it seems a bit over compressed. Reminds of some stuff like Space - Fly Magic with a bit of the The Digital Blonde mixed inside.
  8. Recharge

    The 'Currently Listening' Thread

    I was going though some old mixes and remembered that one. A lot of people would probably disagree, but I think it's an underrated version that never saw much attention.
  9. Recharge

    AI, procedural generation and other new music technologies - What does the future of music hold?

    I mean I believe in shortcuts for the past year I used a ton of samples way more than when I started. But AI seems a bit cheat-y. I would be ok with using AI for sampling or even making samples. I do love playing with synths and twisting knobs (even if they are virtual ones). Still seems it will...
  10. Recharge

    AI, procedural generation and other new music technologies - What does the future of music hold?

    Didn't just Tupac family took down a song with AI version of him from Drake. So much for not reaching big labels. On the other hand you are right only very big artists and very small ones will be victimized by AI. Big name artists that have passed away for obvious reasons. As for smaller...
  11. Recharge

    Multiple posts for contributors productions displayed on forum home page.

    I think I might have an solution for it: Dividing the production section into two parts might be a good idea since I do a lot of music lately and I want to showcase some of it. One part will be for...
  12. Recharge

    DJ Recharge - On A Montain Top

    This one is special, but as always with my music an acquired taste. It was supposed to be a generic prog house/melodic techno hybrid, but then I decided to play with it. First I made a simple psy trance bassline, sampled an UK Garage drum beat, then I started playing with melodies, it was...
  13. Recharge

    AI, procedural generation and other new music technologies - What does the future of music hold?

    Gawd dam @Hensmon this is scary And now @marvas adds to it: This sound better than most of my tracks even the ones where I mostly sample most of it or spend ridiculous amount of time. Edit: Comparing to the song I just finished I am actually feeling my song sounds more robotic than the AI...
  14. Recharge

    DJ Recharge - Falling Down

    The vocals are from Splice, every now and then there is gold out there. The drums in my songs for the past year are mixture of own beats and samples, but mostly samples and some extra percussions added from me. When I was starting I was making nice beats myself, but I got better in other parts...
  15. Recharge

    DJ Recharge - Falling Down

    I really like this one, it's a bit strange and it definitely will be acquired taste. I tried a few songs already like this - going from 4 on the floor into breakbeats, but not just in the breakdown. It's hard to put a genre on it, but I guess it's a mix between melodic techno and breaks.
  16. Recharge

    Gabriel & Dresden - Kinetic Cinema [Anjunabeats]

    Yeah this is dope. I remember one of the guys had a heart attack and that why they went quiet. I hope he is feeling much better.
  17. Recharge

    Atragun-Statues In Motion(Incl LÜRUM Remix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]

    I think most people here will like the original mix more. The melodic techno is nice too, just people are starved and grasping for straws and/or proper prog trance.
  18. Recharge

    marvas - silver span

    Damn I was hoping I was first( I might've been followed him on the same day :) )
  19. Recharge

    Peggy Gou - 1+1=11 [XL Recordings]

    I was kind of sceptical, but I like this
  20. Recharge

    marvas - silver span

    Yeah I dig this.