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  1. Juna

    TranceFix Radio #018 - Merging Scenes - Mixed by Sunda

    Awesome mix. Track selection has a good mix of flavors from all the sounds I am currently enjoying in the scene. Just needs one psychedelic one for the completion.
  2. Juna

    Shjva - WAR1209 (Album) [Warning]

    💣 all round. Chrysalis is a mega tune.
  3. Juna

    Rambal Cochet - Renigma [Bandcamp]

    I found this by chance, when browsing through bandcamp. A reimagine of a track Enigma track Sadness. It is hard to express how much Enigma had an influence on my life in Türkiye when growing up. I had never heard music like it, maybe the first electronic music I ever hear. From then on it was a...
  4. Juna

    VA - Genetic Memories Vol. 2 [On Rotation]

    Some new music to new enjoy Rambal Cochet - Meteroa Bolam - Dream Machine Moisk - GooSE Attack Primitive Needs - X-Stream
  5. Juna

    What do you think about Japanese trance?

    Look at this boiler room set from Tokyo. Have you ever seen Boiler Room do Trance? And look at the crowd, it is one of the most alive ones seen in their youtube. OK not everything is Trance in this mix, as has lot of hardcore and even what feels like dubstep inspired music. But also it has...
  6. Juna

    TranceFix Radio #017 - Through the Void - Mixed by A992

    Ginormous collection of the finest underground. I my long drives to work I played through the full episode until yesterday reaching the end. It was a bomb mix dude. I had to shazam and investigate the time of music to find some new music. I love these psychedelic downtempo discovered ones.
  7. Juna

    Shjva - WAR1209 (Album) [Warning]

    Wow it has amazing sounds here
  8. Juna

    The Psybient & Psychill Thread

    Is this the earliest psy music ever made? 1982!!! Roland only came with their famous hardware in 1981, so Charanjit must have been first in the shop, buying and then understanding its potential for psychedelic music before anyone else. I am amazed at how early someone makes Trance music like...
  9. Juna

    Gordey Tsukanov - Coming in a Dream / When You Hear [Forescape Digital]

    Gordey is one of my favourite artists from the modern progressive dance scene. When you hear a very very nice one.
  10. Juna

    Fader Cap - Blue Pool (EP) [Butter Sessions]

    You feel the beauty in every moment.
  11. Juna

    Coredata - Membrane [Borderline R&D]

    Coredata special sauce all over the place. 💣
  12. Juna

    Serious / Sophisticated Psy-trance

    Dark forest psy, but it has more depth than standard for the style.
  13. Juna

    Voiski - Hanging In The Stars Pt. 1 [Funnovojere Records]

    Every one here is doing it for me. Sounds goooood.
  14. Juna

    Mac & Monday - People Can Fly / To Infinity [Borderline]

    Like both he gave us this time