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  1. m_st

    Advanced Civilizations - Beyond the Matrix EP [Test Of Time]

    quality all round. fantastic music.
  2. m_st

    Aiden Francis - BODYHI06 [Body High]

    like it all so far. dream mix is nicest.
  3. m_st

    Rambal Cochet - Renigma [Bandcamp]

    for relaxing, this one speaks my language.
  4. m_st

    TranceFix Radio #017 - Through the Void - Mixed by A992

    You’ve got an endless supply of good music here and my Friday in is prepared
  5. m_st

    Shjva - WAR1209 (Album) [Warning]

    Don’t know this label. Good first track, let’s see how it pans out
  6. m_st

    Quaid - Eighth A Day [Album] [KMA60 Rezpektiva]

    Gaia and Cryon are amazing works
  7. m_st

    VA - Oscillatory Motion [Durum Records]

    We've had stronger releases this year. Only Gaboon will get the purchase this time.
  8. m_st

    VA - Ten [Powerpuff Trax]

    A compilation from yet another unheard bandcamp label. The first two tracks are the best so those are the ones I will share, and these names should be familiar to us by now. Asphalt and Gzardin have been ones I keep an eye on. Asphalt DJ & Gzardin - Floating Gutters Olsvangèr - Septum Heelrz
  9. m_st

    Quadran - No Air (2004)

    It never fails to relax me, and put me in a good mood
  10. m_st

    Enigma State - Illuminate

    always exciting to see the previews shared for your work Enigma State
  11. m_st

    Remotif - Close Your Eyes and Count to One (EP) [Goddezz)

    Supported. Another good one from goddezz
  12. m_st

    Beltrac & Urban Guidance - Nature [Neptune Discs]

    This dream cycle one is very nice. A solid EP
  13. m_st

    Younger Than Me - The Golden Age of Love [90's Wax]

    The best EP from 2024 so far. I have a feeling we’ll get many more that surpass it.
  14. m_st

    Andy Falconer - Transmissions

    the magic is alive in these
  15. m_st

    WTP - Shades of Green [Self Release]

    mirage is very good