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    The Digital Blonde & William Byrne - Last Time (Driver Mix) [Pure Trance NEON]

    Hope they removed those god awful strings from the original version
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    Rare tracks not found in download stores

    Does anyone have Dallas Superstars - Fast Driving (Antiloop Long M.o.n.s.t.e.r Remix)? I have been trying to find this fucker for over 20 years without any luck. It was only released on vinyl.
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    Legend B - Lost In Love [1994]

    Starecase remix would have been excellent if it wasn't for the awful arrangement, otherwise the Floorplay remix is the best verison
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    Trance artists and war in Ukraine

    Sean "Putin Lover" Tyas
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    Galen Behr & Mathijs Van Wijk - Pres - Syndique – Lost Thoughts (includ Envio and Passiva Remixes) [2004]

    Another one i listened to alot back in the days, really nice melody. Prefer the original and passiva remix
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    Menno De Jong - Pres - Sayla - Majestic (Inclu Arizona vs. Passiva Remix) [2005]

    Used to listen the shit out of dat remix back in 05-06. The breakdown still gets me shivers
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    Airbase - Pres - Ozone - Rock (2003)

    Yeah the original from 2002 is levels above this
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    The Digital Blonde & Idiosyncrasy - Telepathic Communication [Pure Trance NEON]

    Finally some proper trance without any fucking deep trance influences
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    Airwave - AlexanderPlatz [Airwave Music]

    meh, had potential but the boring deep trance-esque percussions and bassline destroys it
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    Peter Dafnous feat. Sasja - Say You'll Stay [2009]

    The only reason i post this is because of the Summer In Tuscany mix which was initially played as a Probspot remix back in 2004. Really nice track, which there was a dub version tho
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    Sophie Sugar - Call of Tomorrow [2005]

    By far the best version is the unreleased JOC remix
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    Terry Bones Vs Fred Baker Pres Water Planet - Introspection [2004]

    Yeah man this track is the real deal
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    Luminary - Amsterdam [2006]

    They are all equally shit
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    Probspot - Blueberry Electronic Elements Armada [2006]

    I met Özgur Can last week, and he was somewhat annoyed at me and others who always want to talk about his old music because he has tried to distance himself from the trance sound ever since. He feels like trance is a very conservative genre, where people only want to hear old tracks. I couldn't...
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    Probspot - Blueberry Electronic Elements Armada [2006]

    Instead of music like this we get deep trance, trance is nothing but a fucking joke
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    Orjan Nilsen Pres. O&R – Beat Design [2007]

    Beat Design is not so bad, but apart from the main melody its kinda boring, and the b-side "Rain" is just meh. Trance sure went downhill in 2007
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    Jackob Roenald & Mike Moor - Fusions / Cloud Nine [Borderline]

    Not the best arrangements but so far the best release this year
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    Mini Spacer - M.U.S.I.C. Melodies Uniting Souls in Connection (Artist Album) [Suntrip Records]

    Check out all albums from Morphic Resonance, Denshi Danshi, Celestial Intelligence and Median Project. Pretty much everything released on this label is pure quality
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    Mini Spacer - M.U.S.I.C. Melodies Uniting Souls in Connection (Artist Album) [Suntrip Records]

    One of the weakest albums released on Suntrip, pretty amaturish sounding.
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    Airwave - Extronic [Airwave Music]

    Deep but boring, lifeless and a huge fucking dissapointment if this is the new direction he is going for. Pitched up deep trance