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    Sundance - The Living Dream (Transa Remix) [1998]

    As classic as it can get.
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    ASOT Top 1000 Trance Tracks Of All Time.

    657 Cressida - 6AM (Kyau & Albert Update) Because this version was so much better than the remix from 2008. I will call the police now.
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    Questia ‎- Nexus Asia [A State Of Trance] [2003]

    Insane track. ASOT has come a long way to this day, but it is these classic ones that we come back to. Brilliant first release for the label.
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    OUT Breakfast - Morning Rain [EDM Recordings]

    Brilliant one. Very powerful track. All the producers churning out the generic uplifting shite should listen this a few times and take notes.
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    Tiësto - Adagio For Strings (Incl. Remixes) [2005]

    Are we completely ignoring the remixes here? That Phynn remix is massive :D
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    Your top 5 Mike Dierickx tracks

    Maor Levi & M.I.K.E. - Couleurs Du Soleil obviously. No need to post anything else here. No but seriously, I will have to think this for a while. Too many good tracks to just pick a top-5.
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    Team SR - Leaving London [2006]

    A timeless classic from Alan Nimmo & Andrew Bayer.
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    ASOT Top 1000 Trance Tracks Of All Time.

    Even Armin must realize how fucking stupid this list is. If not, he has lost it. This is a huge middle finger to all those pioneer DJs and producers who have been creating the scene in the first place. I lost my respect to Armin a long time ago, but this just underlines how full he is of...
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    Lolo - Laia's Daydream (Inc. Remix) [2014]

    A future classic indeed. In general these were very sad years for the trance scene, but this was one of the highlights. Great track.
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    Tastexperience - Time (Sunset Mix)

    Yes, this is very nice. One of the few greats from 2019.
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    Daniel Kandi & Prox - Space Tonic [Always Alive Recordings]

    And here is the full mix: Absolutely amazing track. Best track from Kandi for a while I think.
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    Hiroyuki Oda - Transmigration [2006]

    Back when A State Of Trance was the name of the game. So many good releases and this is one of the finest. The track also appeared on the 2006 ASOT compilation. Enjoy.
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    Lemon & Einar K - Felicity [2010]

    Great track. Loved this duo. Tenacity from the same EP was also a fine one.
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    Misja Helsloot - Lepidopterist [In Trance We Trust]

    Other than the melody it is very generic. What a waste.
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    ASOT Top 1000 Trance Tracks Of All Time.

    Loool. This is it. I quit.
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    Perpetuous Dreamer - Future Fun-Land [1999]

    Yes this is brilliant. Astura Remix is one of my all time favorites.
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    OUT ilan Bluestone & Maor Levi Feat. Alex Clare - Hold On [Anjunabeats]

    Not for me. That same Anjuna drop has lasted way too long in the scene.
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    ASOT Top 1000 Trance Tracks Of All Time.

    Not gonna even open the link after reading this. Sad.
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    Future Breeze ‎– Smile (Van Bellen Remix)

    Oh yes this is so groovy. Love it.