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  1. A.Brindiss

    Estuera - Elpida [Magik Muzik]

    Trance without a loud/unlistenable kick, everything is around the melody, an excellent melody of course. Jonas Steur didn't dissapoint with this "comeback", one of my favs of the year already.
  2. A.Brindiss

    ASOT Top 1000 Trance Tracks Of All Time.

    First place for Shivers, what a surprise
  3. A.Brindiss

    Gouryella - Gouryella (Matt Fax Remix) [FLASHOVER RECORDINGS]

    This remix is not worthy of two pages of replies. Just normal and forgettable
  4. A.Brindiss

    Quench - Dreams (Paul Sawyer remix) [White Label]

    Very good prog remix of this classic. Waiting for the proper release
  5. A.Brindiss

    OUT Cosmithex - Ground Control (incl. Alfredo Calderini, You Are My Salvation Remixes)

    I think this would fit in Pure Trance and would be surprised if Solarstone answered "this is not my thing". Agreed the YAMS remix is one of the best or maybe the best track of the year, quality trance that we don't see too much at this times.
  6. A.Brindiss

    The TranceFix 'Best of 2020' Awards

    Great list, very good tracks on there. Would be nice a playlist with the tracks in some streaming service. Very surprised that the very long awaited Will Atkinson "Rush" was not included, that was actually my favourite track from him this year. Edit: I made a Spotify playlist with the 60 top...
  7. A.Brindiss

    OUT Factor B - The Unforgiven [Pure Trance]

    Well for me it's not That bad, just not special
  8. A.Brindiss

    OUT Loobosh & Laucco - Volando En Las Nubes [Beyond The Stars Recordings]

    'Flying in the clouds', very good uplifting track :)
  9. A.Brindiss

    Johan Gielen & Marco V - Timeless [PERFECTO]

    Full track is even better!
  10. A.Brindiss

    Johan Gielen & Marco V - Timeless [PERFECTO]

    Very danceable and you can notice the quality of the production
  11. A.Brindiss

    OUT Alex Di Stefano - Acidia [Skulldugerry]

    Worse than 365 Days At Dawn, this is typical Di Stefano on VII label
  12. A.Brindiss

    OUT Above & Beyond Feat. Zoë Johnston - No One On Earth (gardenstate Remix) [Anjunabeats]

    One of the best tracks of A&B overall. IMO the best of this remix is the work on the vocals, not bad but not as great as the G&D for sure
  13. A.Brindiss

    Will Atkinson - Last Sunrise [VII]

    Why this wasn't included in the album? Will played it in his ASOT guestmix
  14. A.Brindiss

    Twisted Design- Effervescent (Single) [Regenerate Recordings]

    Melody is too hidden behind the white noise, no doubt is a very good melody but you can't enjoy it with that white noise
  15. A.Brindiss

    Harmonic Rush - Sad But True [BLUE SOHO]

    Great comeback of Harmonic Rush to the hardest sounds
  16. A.Brindiss

    OUT Ahmed Romel - Road To Vilna [FSOE]

    Listened on ASOT, a great uplifting track like the ones he produced in the past, beauty
  17. A.Brindiss

    OUT Will Atkinson - Last King Of Scotland [Album] [Blackhole Recordings]

    A good album, Rush is actually the best of the bunch IMO, 2.Kismet Energy 3.Pipe Dreams, 4.Telescope and so on. Some tracks feels like album fillers. If just Sunslip, Edge of Tomorrow and other unreleased tracks were included this would have been a lot better, unfortunately.
  18. A.Brindiss

    Nuera - Serene [Blue Soho]

    One of the best of the compilation, beauty