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    FAWZY - Enchanting Colors (A.R.D.I. Remix) [Suanda]

    Strange melody for me, nothing interesting. Not this time Mr. A.R.D.I...
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    OUT Andrea Ribeca - Spielraum [FSOE]

    Great melody, I agreed with the others that this track use the same style and bass/kick but it doesn't matter for me in Andrea's case because I really like this one.
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    OUT Key4050 - Higher Sense [Kearnage]

    There are some other more interesting IDs from Key4050 which should be released. This one is decent, you can listen this but it's forgettable
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    OUT Bryan Kearney - Kaia [FSOE]

    Nice track but nothing special. Still the same style for n-th time... Sounds boring tbh
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    OUT Ahmed Romel - Never Enough [FSOE]

    Comparing this one to the previous Ahmed's releases on FSOE and other labels (Road To Vilna, Till We Meet Again, Temple Of Sorrow or even Meet Us Where The Night Ends) this one sounds weak for me.
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    OUT DJ Wag - Life On Mars (Peter Steele Remix) [Nocturnal Knights Reworked]

    No, no and once again NO! :p I prefer Y.O.M.C Remix and still listen this one until today
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    Inoblivion - The Secret To Integrity (Kearnage Recordings)

    It's a Inoblivion - The Secret To Integrity To be honest it's still sounds like Adam Ellis for me, even Adam supported this track on his Instagram :P But anyway, sounds massive, one of my favourite this year.
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    OUT Tonny Nesse - Voyager [Blue Soho]

    Great news! I love this one :) The melody sounds great
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    OUT Vintage & Morelli x Arielle Maren - Other Side (Factor B In Loving Memory Remix) [Monstercat Silk]

    This is the Factor B's remix of Vintage & Morelli x Arielle Maren - Other Side (Extended Mix) ;)
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    Sneijder - Bring The Noize [SUBCULTURE]

    Great bassline! But no melody... We love melodies in trance music. Pity...
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    OUT Vintage & Morelli x Arielle Maren - Other Side (Factor B In Loving Memory Remix) [Monstercat Silk]

    Massive ID tune, vocal is magical, melody is typical for him but I am afraid that we will wait for this one veeeery long knowing Factor's B releases
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    OUT David Forbes - Immersed [FSOE]

    Sounds average for me, he can do much better and deliver great stuff but not this time. FSOE has started this year with false start :P
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    OUT Activa - Luminosity (Sean Tyas Remix) [Regenerate Records]

    Nothing special tbh for me, Sean Tyas very rare hits into my taste :P
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    Radion6 - The Other Side [Carlo Resoort Records]

    No, no and once again NO!!! :P What a mess and stupid leads.
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    OUT Ralphie B - Who Are We? [FSOE]

    Very interesting melody, much better than The Raid. His latest Subculture release also sounds great.
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    OUT Shugz X Symmetrik - Triplicity [Subculture]

    Sounds massive, Shugz in more uplifting melodies? Very rare situation but I say: Yes! :)
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    Craig Connelly & James Cottle - Place in the Stars [Subculture]

    So massive track and there is no replies here? :P It's weird. One of the greatest from Craig in this year to be honest. For me it's a hybrid of Phoenix Beyond and The Universal. That melody connected with this fat bassline and piano sounds so powerful.
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    OUT Billy Gillies - Nostalgia [FSOE]

    So, as I see officially confirmed that is a Billy's new track :) Great news. The best FSOE single release from him for my taste :)
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    OUT Paul Denton - Blinded By The Lights [Subculture]

    Solid track - the melody is really great, of course he can do better but in comparision to the other trance premiers nowadays or Paul's tech stuff this is a very good piece of trance :) Subculture's lastly tracks sounds better at last.
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    Bryan Kearney - ID 2 [TBA]

    To be honest I sense here more Adam Ellis samples (maybe there is upcoming another single in Kearnage?), it's always hard to put a suggestion with ID track :P But I love this one since I've heard the first time Bryan's 5h November extended set. Great melody, high energy and characteristic vocals...